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About Laura

A journey of self reflection and a pursuit of her passions, gave birth to a new paradigm, a new way of perceiving everything about life.  This enlightenment has opened her soul, it allowed her to face her fears, it gave her the strength & courage to be her best self and to live the life that she’s always wanted to live.  This paradigm is what she calls her inner seed.

Laura is a strong advocate that aims to bring out that inner strength and empowerment to people from a young age. Her kids yoga and wisdom Life coaching programs serve to introduce kids and special needs to the art of yoga in order to embrace cooperation rather than competition and most importantly, to empower them to become more self-aware adults . Her light-hearted and intuitive approach in guiding these classes provides an unmistakable calmness  and balance upon their completion.

Laura is also the co-founder of  Mindful Matters, a movement that bring together a range of initiatives that aid the well-being of all individuals that practice them. This is a new concept for a lot of people in the U.A.E and the aim is to ease people into a new way of living their lives.


“I believe that opportunities are endless. I believe that there is always room for improvement whether in the mind, body or soul. My aim is to create a mindfulness movement and teach people what it is to live in the moment. The fact that people across the UAE are becoming more self conscious makes it easier for them to open up and express themselves. They are becoming open to change, and that is the first step to a healthier lifestyle

“I would like to say that anything is possible, there is no limit that what you can do! Everything is in one’s hands. You have the power to change and create the life you want. If you feel a negative emotion, then that’s your body sending you a cue to change. That is your subconscious signaling that something is not right. I urge you to listen to that voice and to be your true self.”

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Laura is a certified Yoga instructors that offer classes for adults, pregnant women, kids, teens and those with special needs. Laura is also a Life Coach that guide adults and children on how to grow and improve their lives.

“I hope to share all that I have learned with you, through my various activities & passions, all of which connect us to earth and keep us grounded to what matters most in life and ultimately allow you to nurture your growth from within & give birth to your inner seed.”

….Spreading the love of life

Laura-Helene Kopinski

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