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Does Self-Doubt Mean a Lack of Self-Confidence?


Do you ever experience self-doubt when you’re about to do something new? Do you ever get the jitters and feel nervous? Do you ever wonder where your self-confidence has gone when this happens? Guess

Does Self-Doubt Mean a Lack of Self-Confidence?2019-10-04T16:17:01+04:00

5min with Elli


Tell us a little bit about you: Im Elli, a yoga teacher, german with persian background, 37 years old, mother of two boys,6 and 2 years old, living here in AD. I studied

5min with Elli2019-10-04T13:47:12+04:00

5min with Layelee Behnia


Tell us a little about you My name is Laylee I am a yoga teacher based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a green food junkie and used to be serial entrepreneur, started yoga as a

5min with Layelee Behnia2019-09-01T15:57:37+04:00

5min with Julie Lewis


Julie Lewis has lived and worked in the Middle East and Asia for over twenty years, the last seven being right here in Abu Dhabi.  Julie’s background is in sports science, she spent

5min with Julie Lewis2019-09-01T15:42:06+04:00

Why Yin Yoga is Not Just a Physical Practice


Yin yoga has gained its popularity in the yoga world in the past couple decades. On the surface, this seemingly gentle style of yoga doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion. For people

Why Yin Yoga is Not Just a Physical Practice2019-08-22T17:35:34+04:00

Face Care Summer Tips


Hi Face Yogis! I've compiled some of my favorite  tips for healthy & glowing skin during summer. 1. Sunscreen & a hat- I personally hate all sunscreens but I force myself to apply

Face Care Summer Tips2019-08-18T15:15:45+04:00

Help Kids with Back-to-School Anxiety


Returning to school after a long break or starting school for the first time can bring up difficult emotions for children, such as fear, anxiety, worry, and stress. Here are three steps you can

Help Kids with Back-to-School Anxiety2019-08-07T12:17:26+04:00

5min with Yogi Madalena Carvalho


As most great things in life, my yoga journey started by mere coincidence. It was out of curiosity and with a strong desire to do something different than just going to the gym

5min with Yogi Madalena Carvalho2019-07-14T14:32:18+04:00

5min with Katarina Nyssens


I started practising yoga a few years ago as a hobby. Yoga attracted me, because it has also a spiritual side and it is more than just a physical exercise. Indeed, asanas (postures) are just one part

5min with Katarina Nyssens2019-06-02T15:33:46+04:00
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