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Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

The way we physically carry ourselves, our posture, our gait and our physical alignment sends a message to the world conveying our mood, attitude and our perspective of how we experience our quality of living.
In this 40hours YOGA ALLIANCE (US & UK) teaching training, you will learn how to use yoga as as therapy and address the underlying causes of habitual misaligned postures, the management of chronic pain and how to reeducate our bodies for greater well-being.

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Teacher Training by Zephyr Wildman

Yoga refines our movement and breath. In its therapeutic applications, asana and pranayama become the tools by which we address patterns of movement, breath and being that are at the root of chronic pain, limitation and even disease. Because of the way we’re built, and the lives we live we all face challenges individual in our life and practice, often with chronic pain. Our own structure and patterns of movement often lead us directly into these problems, unless we recognize and change them. Even when we exercise regularly or have a regular practice, we allow some muscles to dominate, leaving others weak and unused. This can eventually lead to pain and injury, even for the experienced practitioner.

Each morning will involve an exploration of the structural alignment, anatomy, muscles and function of the area that is the days’ focus plus time to review the prior days learning. In the afternoon we will apply the morning’s tuition through practice, utilising yoga asana, pranayama, kriyas and basic massage techniques.


Note that we have limited seats available for this training.

Early Bird rates: AED 5,100. expires on July 1st 2018

Rate: AED 5,600

*Rate includes your comprehensive manual and certificate of completion

You will receive:

*40 hours Yoga Anatomy & Physiology training credited by the YOGA ALLIANCE