Past Events

AL DANA weekend- April 13-15, 2017

Al Dana Weekend took place on Al Dana Island within Al Raha Beach from 13th-15th April, The event was free, and open to the public. Inspired by the vibrant colours and carefree holiday atmosphere of Santorini, Al Dana Weekend brought together music, sport, entertainment and food.

Inner Seed had a pop up booth and welcomed kids and parents to participate in an art session. We also hosted a sunset yoga session where kids got to learn body awareness through fun and safe sequences.

Reem weekend took place the following weekend where Inner Seed hosted a similar workshop for all the people on the island!

Operation Smile Annual Kite Festival- December 16th 2016

In collaboration with Operation Smiles U.A.E, we were happy to host ‘Parents and Kid yoga session’  at the Operation Smile Annual Kite Festival . What a better way to spend your Friday?


Mindful Matters Brings Mindfulness 101- December 10th, 2016

And that’s a warp to our second successful Mindful Matters event hosted December 10th 2016. Click here to view event video.

Mindfulness 101, provided by Mindful Matters UAE and Inner Seed, is an introduction to mindfulness and how it can improve your life. Whether you are new to mindfulness and wanting to find out what it is or you have been practicing at home and feel you need some tips or a place to share your experience, we can help. We will teach you the basics of mindfulness through meditations and interactive exercises. You will be shown easy ways to incorporate it into your life and meet like-minded people who want to start enjoying the present moment. We guarantee that you will walk out of this fun afternoon with an open heart and with tools to improve your life. Click here to learn more

Mindful Matters- November 5th 2016

logo  Educating the heard and Mind

Our first event was such a great success because of YOU! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this fantastic day. Thank you to our fabulous team who put their heart and passion into the workshops. Thank you to all the participants and vendors who showed great support. Thank you Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate staff for all your help and assitance! We had so much fun. Seeing all of your faces and reactions made us so speechless; some happy some smiling some socializing, even making new friends and learning new things. Thank you for helping us create a movement here in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE to teach Mindfulness. By helping teachers and parents yesterday, we got to help tomorrow’s generation. Last but not least, thanks to you, we got to help 2 children undergo surgery with Operation Smiles.

Click here to view event video.

Bringing awareness of mindfulness to parents and teachers and how they can use it with the children in their lives. The day will be hands on, fun and calm. There is no pressure for anyone to be actively involved but it is encouraged. This is a new concept for a lot of people in the U.A.E and our aim is to ease people into a new way of living their lives. By showing adults ways to practice mindfulness themselves, it will make it easier for them to show children.Read more

Festival of Learning 2016- October 8th

Inspire is a parent led support group, aimed at helping parents to access information, support & services, for children with Special Educational Need.

Special Educational Needs affect a child’s ability to learn, such as:
– Behavior or ability to socialise
– Reading or writing
– Ability to understand things
– Concentration levels
– Physical needs or impairment

This year, Inner Seed will be hosting the second ‘Yoga is for Everyone’ workshop to highlight benefits of kids yoga for those with special needs. Kids will also get a chance to experience a 30 min session. Please come along and invite any educators, parents and children who may benefit from any aspect of this day. (Please note that this event is FREE of charge).

Summer Camp at TWOFOUR54 –    17-18 July 2016

This two-week program has been hosted for kids between 9-12 at the Creative lab Abu Dhabi. Each day was filled with fun and interactive learning activities which enabled children to acquire the skills they need in order to become artists, writers or even director. Inner Seed presented an introduction on the benefits of Kids yoga followed by a joyful yoga practice. Teaching kids the art of yoga has given them a chance to express themselves in a non-competitive way.  A Life Coaching session also took place so that kids can understand the importance of following one’s passion.  By the end of the camp, all participants got to showcase their work to their families and instructors.

Inner Seed @ Inner space – May 24th

Join us for a unique evening discussion of inner learning. Discover your inner seed in the midst of what we call ‘chaos’. Understand meditation and how can I practice it in a very practical way to reconnect to the dormant seed of peace inside me. Attend this talk to find a happy place and to maintain a positive life journey through meditation.

To book your seat, click here

Special Needs Cooking with the Chef- May 29th

A delightful evening filled with interesting conversations and interesting women from all sorts of different backgrounds. Join me in finding out more about how you can grow and develop and see where it leads you. Learn how to follow your passion by believing in yourself.

“Yoga is for Everyone” event hosted for those with special needs at Healthpoint hospital to highlight the benefits of yoga followed by a free practice.