Face Yoga is an anti aging method dating back all the way to the times of Cleopatra, ancient royal families would use face exercise and face massage as a way to maintain youthfulness and skin health. With the passage of time, this method was lost and other modern techniques took over. Although I am in no way against what is being offered on the beauty market today (with the exception of a few things!), we cannot deny the importance of face muscles- if they are not strong and activated it will affect the way we age just like it would if we never exercised our bodies.

It’s important to understand that almost a quarter of all the muscles on our body are located on our face, neck and scalp- so why are we not using this to our benefit? The earlier you learn these techniques, the more you can prevent saggy skin and loss of contour.

Learning the techniques properly is one of the most crucial aspects of this method as performing the exercises wrong can cause lines on other parts of your face. We always recommend having a few sessions with an expert just so you can get your postures right. After that, it’s all in your hands!

In terms of benefits, they are extensive however short term you will see an increase in circulation, tighter and glowing skin. Long-term you are able to erase more significant signs of aging such as a saggy neck, forehead lines etc. Your results depend on how much time you dedicate, your age and lifestyle.

Our Face Yoga 101 workshop is a great way to start, sessions will commence in January.

You can also have a look at our online tutorials to familiarize yourself with the concept and start doing some basic exercises at home.

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About the Founder

Coming from a lifestyle PR background, Isadora Peric stumbled upon a facial yoga video when desperately searching for a natural solution to rejuvenate her own face.

The fast paced lifestyle of a marketing professional had taken its toll and she decided to attempt face yoga on her own. The difference after just a month was so tremendous that friends and family began commenting on her more relaxed and youthful face.  Isadora quickly realized that this could change many lives for the better and decided to take a four-month training program with renowned US-based face yoga master Annelise Hagen.

Following her training, Isadora did her face yoga classes on weekends and was quickly approached by key yoga studios such as Zen Yoga, The Studio and more.

Following the positive response to the concept – Isadora took the leap in late 2015 and left her PR career behind, this led to the birth of The Fit Face, the region’s first holistic concept specializing in face yoga and face massage.

Within the year the company collaborated with Chanel, Harvey Nichols, Boots Pharmacy, Waldorf Astoria and more. Additionally, Isadora’s face yoga classes have been embraced by members of the royal family as well as key publications and influencers such as Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Emirates Woman, Khaleej Times, The National and Zahra Lyla to name a few.

Isadora continues to change the way women perceive beauty through her weekly workshops, master classes and personal face yoga programs