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I was not born a vegan or a raw food enthusiast. I changed my eating lifestyle about three years ago. I used to spend a lot of time worrying about my weight, and even more time trying different kinds of diets, it was pretty exhausting to say the least. I slowly tried to organize a healthier eating lifestyle, by planning weekly meals but the results were mixed. I can honestly say that I was mostly frustrated around food.


All that changed when I decided to adopt a mostly plant-based diet a few years back.  Reading around this food movement, and meeting people who had adopted this way of life changed my way of looking at cooking and eating. I have never been a meat lover, so part of the changes were easy, however a plant-based diet required some adjustments, more on that in my blog.  This change has been the best lifestyle decision of my life. No diets, no restrictions, no frustrations!


There is a whole other aspect of the food-plant diet that is key to my commitment: the environment and animal welfare attached to this lifestyle. Beyond the personal health benefit, the positive impacts that such diets have on these issues are a continuing motivating factor for me and my family. We are not perfect, far from it, but our mostly plant-based diet is a step closer to our values for an eco-friendly and animal welfare consumerism.



What is a raw food plant based lifestyle? 


A raw food diet lifestyle is made of unprocessed, fresh wholefood plant based food. Fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts and dark leafy greens are the main produces we consume. They are prepared with without any sort of heat source, cooking or frying, so mostly raw.


What are the benefits of a raw food plant based lifestyle?


This diet provides high amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, amino acids, oxygen, enzymes and antioxidants.  Additionally, consuming a greater amount of fruits and vegetables and their juices contributes to the hydration of the body naturally.


A raw food plant based diet helps:


  • Increase vitality and energy throughout the day
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improves memory and concentration,
  • Healthy body: face and body firmer, brighter skin and hair, hair and stronger nails. It often provides a more radiant, glowing health.
  • Delay aging, improves circulation, immunity system
  • Improves digestive problems (heartburn, constipation, bloating …) and helps with digestion.


It also helps to:

Eliminate or reduce allergy symptoms.

Reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular diseases,

Fight infections

Reduce migraines

Reduce stress and anxiety, and can help improve your mood.

 When you change your diet to a raw food one, you will feel a lot more energetic, sleep better, to feel more focused and less tired.

On a busy day, try to eat lots of food and on another day try to have only raw food (eating fresh fruits and veg): you will see the difference. Eating raw means that all the nutrients of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds are ingested completely intact. And if you eat organic, above all that, the result is an optimal diet that nourishes the body allowing good cell regeneration.

Precious nutrients contained in the plants are destroyed by heat.

Fruits, vegetables, especially green vegetables, contain a lot of vitamins A, C, B9 (folate), minerals like calcium, iron, zinc etc.




If you wish to know more about plant based cooking, Marilyne Girault-Defer will be holding 3 workshops until December:

Sunday 8th of October from 11am till 1pm

Introduction to raw food workshop

This workshop is designed for those new to the concept of raw food, who would like to change their way of eating. Discover raw cooking techniques, what to store in your kitchen pantry.
Learn how to make healthy and easy recipes, sprout pulses, dehydrate fruit & veg and make your own crackers.


Saturday 4th of November from 4pm till 6pm:

Plant based cooking class

This time we will focus on cooked easy plant based recipes using fresh whole foods, techniques to make vegan cheese, making your own wraps, chocolate cream desserts and more. We will discuss various plant based topics and go around different types of vegan diet.


Saturday 18th of November from 4pm till 6pm

Christmas plant based cooking class

On this workshop we will be focusing on cooked Christmas recipes, how to “veganize” some of the traditional Christmas dishes such as a “Wellington” using fresh & seasonal ingredients, making chutneys, ferment cheese, Christmas log and more


We will discuss various topics such as how to socialize and deal with friends and family around this time of the year and how to prepare meals when far away from home. All the workshops includes preparation of dishes, making them, tastings, going through nutritional topics, shopping list, and equipment basics.
A workshop folder with recipes and all topics covered will give you the confidence to start introducing more plant based food into your daily life.


For booking enquiries visit: https://pumpkinkale.blog/en/

Face book page: https://www.facebook.com/pumpkinsandkale/

Instagram: pumpkins_and_kale



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