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Welcome our 4th edition of a spiritual healing retreat in the desert

Treat yourself with a soul filling experience that will disconnect you from the busy city life and reconnect you with yourself and nature. Because of the global pandemic we are currently going through, we may have found ourselves disconnected, lost and emotionally tired. This is your chance to be in silence with yourself and get to hear what your soul is calling for.

The open space in the silence of the desert is where the echo of our true nature is found.

In this 4-day staycation you will be in complete relaxation as you are so far away from the busy city life. The serenity of the desert is what makes this experience unique. The desert camp of Arabian Nights is strategically positioned not far from the city, yet far enough to find complete peace and to observe the majesty of the stars at night.

This blissful getaway is a genuine way to connect to your inner self and to the silence within.