Desert Soul Retreat

Welcome to a spiritual healing retreat

Treat yourself this December with a soul filling experience that will disconnect you from the busy city life and reconnect you with yourself and nature. Because of the global pandemic we are currently going through, we may have found ourselves disconnected, lost and emotionally tired. This is your chance to be in silence with yourself and get to hear what your soul is calling for.

The open space in the silence of the desert is where the echo of our true nature is found.

In this 3 day staycation you will be in complete relaxation as you are so far away from the busy city life. The serenity of the desert is what makes this experience unique. The desert camp of Arabian Nights is strategically positioned not far from the city, yet far enough to find complete peace and to observe the majesty of the stars at night.

This blissful weekend is a genuine way to connect to your inner self and to the silence within.

Your home for 3 days

At this women-only retreat with us, you’ll experience an incredible, worry-free days of insight and beauty that will renew the path of your heart and transform your consciousness.

This short stay will bring peace, love and serenity into your soul. You will experience empowering and life-changing workshops that provide you with the ideas, resources and tools that enable you to discover and unblock negative thinking. We promise that you’ll emerge from this retreat feeling restored. You’ll feel fed on every level, through delicious food, beautiful landscape, rejuvenating body time, desert fun play, circle talks, restorative energy practices and lots of laughter with like-minded women!

Your itinerary

You’ll embrace new skills and ways of thinking, but you’ll also learn to surrender those thoughts and traits that are no longer servicing your overall well-being. This retreat is designed to help you connect with your inner teacher, power, passion and purpose through yoga, detox, meditation, and chakra healing. You’ll come away feeling revitalized, and most importantly—powerful.

Yoga is for everyone, you don’t need to be an experts, nor be flexible to practice self care!

You will be picked up and dropped off the camp in a luxury coach bus!

Healing Retreat Introduction – Welcome ceremony on the first day!
Begin your Self-Love Journey learning what to expect during your Soul Retreat. Review your final itinerary, time-table, and learn where each session takes place. Choose your personal Self-Love mantras.  Getting to know one another

Once rested, we will have a circle talk meditation followed by a sunset restorative yoga. Then enjoy a delicious meal before we head to bed and restore ourselves for the next day!

Each day begins as we gather silently in meditation bridging the space between dreams and wakefulness and building to an energizing dynamic yoga practice.

  • Daily sunrise and sunset yoga
  • Healing lectures & workshops
  • Silence walk
  • circle talks
  • Meditation & breath work
  • Telescope stargazing
  • Bonfire circle

Activities included:

  • Camel riding
  • Sand boarding
  • Swimming pool

Please note that we have chosen a place that offers an unplugged experience, so no wi-fi no tv and no phones are available in the rooms :). You can only use your personal phone.

Meet your Lightworker

This retreat will be hosted by the founder of Inner Seed, Laura-Helene Kopinski who is our Senior yoga teacher and very much loved by the Adventure Yogi guests. She is incredibly passionate about the many benefits of living a yogic lifestyle, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She takes you on a journey that will release, soften and inspire your soul. She aims an inviting practice for everyone and encourages to explore new boundaries.

A journey of self reflection and a pursuit of her passions, gave birth to a new paradigm, a new way of perceiving everything about life. This enlightenment has opened her soul, it allowed her to face her doubts, it gave her the strength & courage to be her true self and to live the life that she’s always believed in.  This paradigm is what she calls her inner seed.

Laura is a lightworker that aims to bring out that inner strength and empowerment to women. She is also a Reiki Master healer and a therapeutic Life Coach that guides adults and children on how to grow and improve in their lives. Her power is her care and love.

“I am here to educate and support women to achieve their greatness. I believe, we as women have the strength to change our mindset, I believe that we need to find our inner power and deliver our gifts to the world. Help women make better choices and become present. I am here to support and help release behavior that hold you from being your truest self and from doing the things you are meant to share with the world”


The rooms are a glimpse of the Bedouin life inspired by traditional Bedouin tents that make the desert sounds and energy come to life. The simplicity of the sand coloured exterior and luxurious interior will captivate your imagination and transport you to a simpler time.

Full board meals:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. Refreshing drinks and small snacks throughout the day and evening. All food provided are organic and homemade

Vegan and vegetarian option are available. 

Recent Testimonials from recent retreat

“Experience: Relaxing, Disconnecting, Empowering and Fulfilling to the Soul. My soul thanks you. 🙂
Lessons: Figure out my goals (timeline between goals and wants). Re-evaluate my belief system. Need to know what makes my heart sings, what I love about myself. That I am more outgoing than I thought. I am easy going than I thought. I love myself just the way I am. Stop seeking outer validation. Be content within.”
Maitha Al Mansoori

“This is my very first retreat. For me, I was lost and confused at first. But with the sessions of yoga and the topics that Laura gave us, they helped me know more about myself.  This experience truly helped me to know more myself and discover who I am”

Hanan Omar

“This retreat was beyond my expectation. I came here purely for yoga. The sessions and the discussions we had made me realize how much I can grow and develop. The whole program was very well organized. I highly recommend keeping a small amount of participant for such program. I think it was a good factor but really this trip is very successful”

Maryam Al Zaabi

“Love it. Nothing to add, just I would like to thank you for being part of my journey (healing)”

Eiman Al Hajri

“ Very beautiful experience. Truly exceeded my expectations.”

Aisha AlMansoori

Booking Details

Retreat dates:

December 1-3 ( SOLD OUT)

January 14-16 ( OPEN)

  • Ladies only retreat
  • Single person package and sharing room package available
  • All participant must have a COVID-19 PCR valid for 48hours
  • Limited spots, for safety and comfort
  • To receive the retreat details & pricing email us below

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