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This session will allow you to experience and practice cleansing and recharging your 7 wheels of energy. You will experience an energetic flow through breathe and movement of the body.

“Kundalini is the feminine, creative, evolutionary force of infinite wisdom that lives inside every single one of us.”

As you breathe and cleanse your chakras, you’ll be directing your breath in and out of the body, at an increased rate, which leaves you in a high, trance like state. You will get to tune into your subtle sensations, thoughts and feelings that you may have compressed or blocked.

When one or more of the chakras become blocked, physical and mental ailments can arise. This practice has been designed to activate and balance your energy channels for a balanced state of mind.

  • How to prep for the session? (ALL OPTIONAL)
    Choose a comfortable setting. Feel free to decorate your sacred space with candles. Connect your device with speakers. You need a yoga mat or a comfortable flooring. Pillows, blanket, eye mask. If you have yoga props bring them along.


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