Chakra Challenge Program

When lost in your thoughts, have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like something is wrong?

Feeling like there is no solution to your problems? Feeling stuck in some areas of your life?

This is your chance to join a spiritual and awakening journey with Laura to see the shift in your life. On this enjoyable program of healing, you will lovingly release your suppressed emotions and fears using powerful tools and guidance, safely bringing them to the surface so that they can be acknowledged, complete their journey and be healed without you needing to re-live the past. Unlock your energy from your own internal resources- your Chakras

A spiritual journey is a process of reconciliation and education through enlightenment. It is as unique and individual as each individual is unique; and each of us eventually comes to attain the reconciliation and education in our own way, in our own time. It is the moment of self-discovery and an acknowledgement that each one of us is entitled to the space that we occupy for what we uniquely bring to the world.- William Stillman

The 7 Chakras are the main energy centres in the body that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system and determine our overall wellbeing. This ONLINE program is designed by Laura to introduce and deepen your self exploration journey through the 7 chakra system. You will learn about the body’s 7 wheels of energy and how working with these energies can: awaken your inner power, release blockage, energize your soul and heal and balance your system.

What are Chakras?

The word “chakra” from Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “disk,” but references a spiritual energy center within the human body, of which there are seven along the spine, and through the neck and the crown of your head, according to the Chopra Center. These subtle energies can be seen as chambers in the temple of your body and by opening these chambers you have access to your pure consciousness. They filter or distill energy from the outside.

Because Chakras are the getaways through which this exchange takes place between inner and outer, it is essential that you come to understand how to take care of them. The purpose of this program is to discover the keys to opening each chamber and awaken your inner light.

Yoga is not about self-improvement; it’s about self-acceptance.-Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

You will be introduced weekly to each chakra through uniquely designed yoga classes that aim to connect you with your highest self, inspired by Anodea Judith. You will be guided on how to self-diagnose yourself and see whether a chakra is out of balance and how to harmonise it again.

You will have 1 week between each session to continue practicing and tapping into that particular chakra through take away tools and exercises.

At the end of the challenge, you will feel balanced and reconnected to your inner self. You will feel more confident to move forward in your life journey. 

The challenge is showing up for each practice! Remember consistency is KEY to see magic!

STARTING July 5 – August 16

Challenge days are on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30pm

 Chakra Challenge days: 

  • Chakra 1 with Meet&Greet: July 5
  • Chakra 2: July 12
  • Chakra 3: July 19
  • Chakra 4: July 26
  • Chakra 5: August 2
  • Chakra 6: August 9
  • Chakra 7 and Ceremony: August 16

Recorded video will be available if you can’t attend. You will have 1 week to access.

Workshop includes:

  • YOGA


If you cannot attend for some unavoidable reason we request a 24hours notification. We will then insure you receive a recorded video that will be available for 1 week.

It is highly recommended. It’s the least we can do to feel connected to the girl tribe in a virtual space.

We will email you everything you need to set up your space

Yes! A yoga mat and yoga blocks are highly recommended

Yes, you will receive a certificate stating your completion and attendance of this program

Feedback from our recent tribe!

I loved learning about the chakras in general and especially about how my personal chakra system was doing. It is great to have plenty of activities to use when my chakras are out of balance. I loved meeting new friends and developing deep and meaningful connections with such wonderful women. Thanks to Laura and the Innerseed team for another beautiful experience. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to understand more about their inner self.

Lily, UK

 This was a truly eye-opening experience. I did not know much about chakras but had been told that I needed work on my throat chakra. However, as we worked on each chakra, it became clear that there were other blockages! Working on one chakra per session allowed me to really focus on very specific issues. Laura provided an abundance of ways to work on that area, including mudras, breathing techniques, yoga poses, colours, essential oils as well as very thought-provoking questions. As a group, we became closer each week and shared so many experiences that we now have a really close bond. Chatting to other women on this course made you feel that you were not alone and that we were all working towards self-love and peace. It was a beautiful experience and I felt very privileged to meet such wonderful women and to work with the inspirational Laura again.

Kerry, UK

The chakra challenge was a great and interactive way to get to know more about my body and what are the reasons for my emotional issues. By having the basic awareness I am able to understand myself better and how to heal it. It is a learning that I can carry along with me & keep on adding to it throughout my self-awareness journey.

-Maitha Al, UAE

 It was surprisingly effective in terms of the exchange of energy for an online medium. It helped me examine my energy and apply some much needed self care routines to help enhance my practice.

-Ritu, India

No lie, I am a different person now having embarked on this chakra healing journey. I’m happy I followed my intuition and signed up for the course because it offered me more than I knew I needed – a loving community of aligned souls, consistent and reliable space and time dedicated to my healing, and of course a knowledgeable lightworker to lovingly and openly guide me and the other participants to better versions of ourselves. I am so so so grateful to Laura and her team and to the other women part of my cohort. Much love xx

Nkem, USA

As a virtual challenge this has been a great one. I was able to expand my knowledge and understand myself more. Laura is amazing. I was excited on a weekly basis to watch the sessions. Each week was unique and was an encouragement to focus on my daily patterns.

Sali, UAE

Booking Details:

  • Early Bird Rate: AED 1150 (Until June 25) | Regular Rate AED 1350 (including 7 sessions with E- Guide manual & Handout)
  • Sessions are conducted online via zoom
  • Application form required
  • A preparation email will be sent 1 week prior to the workshop
  • For more details email: [email protected] or call us on 0503528640

Start your inner journey!