Namaste Beautiful Souls!

Invite calmness and peace to your mind as you take a soft inhale and exhale on a count of 3-2-1. Allow your mind to settle as you continue to ground yourself working mindfully through your breath. Inhale presence and exhale everything that does not serve you today.

Welcome to your journey of growth, empowerment and evolvement into a physically and spiritually engaged soul with Inner Seed Wellness.

At Inner Seed, we believe that authentic living begins with the ‘self’ which transcends physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. In our programs, we focus on nurturing your ‘inner seed’, providing you with the tools that will enable you to blossom to your full potential and live more authentically.

It was founded in 2014 with the vision to ‘Create a safe space to empower individuals to reach their highest potential and live their true authentic life through holistic enrichment programs’. Since Inner Seed’s establishment, we have grown our support network to include yoga practitioners, sound healers, and leading experts within the field of mental health, nutrition and physical wellbeing who have been instrumental in shaping our holistic program offerings. We aim to continue on our mission to build an engaged and mindful community sustained by 3 key pillars: integrity, authenticity, and positivity.

Join our vibrant community that values connection, support, and growth. We foster an inclusive environment where soulscan connect authentically, share experiences, and engage in meaningful conversations. Our retreats & workshops encourage deep connections and create a space for individuals to thrive together.

Thank you for choosing us.

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May 29: Art Therapy Workshop

This workshop is designed to unlock creativity and foster inner peace and promote mental well-being. This offers a safe and supportive space for self-discovery and healing. Through guided art exercises and mindfulness tools you will leave the workshop empowered with more positive view of your own life that is filled with gratitude. Learn More

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“The soul is stronger than its surroundings.”

— William James

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