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Increase self-confidence, deepen self-love and let your voice out now!

Do you ever catch yourself holding back or playing small? Do you long to express yourself confidently in any situation or to let your voice out with more ease and less judgment?

You’re not alone. Many of us struggle to express ourselves. Rather than celebrate our uniqueness, we hold back, feel insecure and lock our voice inside.

When we fail to express ourselves freely, we’re unable to fully experience life. We don’t bring our complete self to the table. We don’t share our truest voice with the world.

Life is finite, so why live it in a limited way? Why hold back and play small when you have the power to be your colourful, unique self and express yourself from this space anytime you wish to?

That’s exactly what this workshop will teach you.


In this 2 hours masterclass you’ll learn easy-to-use, proven tools that will help you:

  • use your voice in a healthy, clear & confident way
  • learn to accept yourself on a deeper level
  • say what you need to say, when you need to say it
  • set firm, healthy boundaries with others
  • trust yourself and your unique voice

Our session will involve:

  • meditation
  • simple movement
  • learning the tools
  • journaling


Before the masterclass  you’ll receive a PDF workbook which will include some journal exercises & transformative tools you’ll learn during the session.

Registration details:

  • Masterclass taking place on ZOOM
  • Anyone is welcome in this workshop
  • Cost: AED 180
  • For more details WhatsApp 0503528640
  • Recorded video available if you are unable to attend
  • Payment can be done either via PAYPAL ( extra charges) CLICK HERE or bank transfer ( net price) CLICK HERE  to contact us



About Kirbanu:

Kirbanu is an Australian musician, yoga teacher, spiritual healer and voice empowerment coach. With a Masters in Reiki, a Diploma in Spiritual Healing and 15 years experience as a professional singer and musician, Kirbanu uses music, the voice and mindfulness tools to elicit transformation and profound healing in others.

Her conscious music takes the listener on a heart opening, meditative journey into the Deep Self, whilst her empowerment programs teach people to radiate self-worth, love themselves unconditionally and let their unique voice out!

To date she has performed over 600 concerts and given over 100 workshops and masterclasses across Europe and Australasia including Festival appearances at: 2020 Berlin Digital Yoga Conference (DE), 2019 Yoga Vidya Music Festival (DE), 2019 Darmstadt Yoga Festival (DE) 2019 Summer of Love (CH), 2017 Maifeld Derby (D), 2017 Adelaide Fringe (AU), 2017 Perth Fringe World (AU) and 2016 Blue Balls (CH).


Find out more: https://kirbanu.com ☼ https://instagram.com/kirbanu ☼ Spotify, i-Tunes & Apple Music @kirbanu



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