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Full Moon Healing is a concept rooted in various spiritual and holistic traditions, which believes that the energy and symbolism of the full moon can be harnessed for personal growth, transformation, and healing.

The Full Moon in November is often referred to as the “Beaver Moon”. Like other full moons, this is an opportune time for self-reflection. You may take this time to introspect, identify aspects of their lives they wish to release or let go of, and set intentions for personal transformation. This season is also a powerful way to shift focus from what is lacking to what is abundant in one’s life wherein you will engage yourselves in gratitude rituals and acknowledge the blessings. 

Explore the power of meditation, energy work, and intention-setting to manifest the healing you seek in your life.



About the Facilitator: Laura Helene Kopinski, Founder of Inner Seed


Laura-Helene is a Senior yoga teacher. She is incredibly passionate about the many benefits of living a yogic lifestyle, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She takes you on a journey that will release, soften and inspire your soul.

She studied the ancient practices in India, which included Ayurveda medicine and Chakra Healing. She aims an inviting practice for everyone and encourages to explore new boundaries. 


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