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Why are you struggling to find love and what can you do to create better results in your love life?

You are doing great in many areas of your life, however when it comes to your love life you feel you have had so many disappointments, you feel exhausted, frustrated and de-motivated on your love journey. You wonder why it is so hard when you see friends and family meeting their partners and getting married. You desire a healthy loving partnership with a loyal, loving and kind love partner. 

This love coaching webinar with Sasha Quince (Love coach for women) will help you understand: 

  1. What is getting in the way of finding love and creating better results in your love life? 
  2. Are you attracting the same type of men into your life and what can you DO NOW to break that toxic cycle? 
  3. What do you need to start doing NOW to help yourself shift this energy and get out of the repetitive pattern of past relationships. 
  4. Where do you have control in your love life and how can you exercise that control to help smoothen your love journey and make the process feel empowered, energized and assured versus exhaustion, worried, uncertain and simply just waiting…. 
  5. Learn more about your inner struggle, what you are missing and get coached through the many thoughts that get in the way of you taking action towards your desired results of meeting your life partner. 

We can’t control exactly when Mr. Right will walk into our lives, but we can do many practices now to prepare for how we show up when he does and how we ensure the progression of our next relationship into a life partnership. 

Sasha has coached 60 + women in 2021 and she is excited to support you on this webinar and celebrate valentine’s day together. 

So wear some red lipstick, dress up if you like, grab your favorite beverage and meet her virtually to explore this topic. 

Registration details:

  • Location: Zoom Online
  • Cost: AED 80
  • For more details: Email [email protected] or WhatsApp 0503528640
  • Payment via payment link or PayPal

About Sasha:

Sasha is an ERYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance Instructor from Vancouver, Canada with various additional certifications in Pregnancy Yoga (in which she has created her own DVD), Yin Yoga, Meditation, Kids Yoga, and training’s in the Anatomy of Yoga.

Sasha is an ERYT 200 hour  love coach and the founder of Let’s Go Yoga. Her journey through self-awareness started in 2009 which was the year that she experienced her greatest loss as well as her greatest love.

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