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One the hardest and most disappointing encounters we face in our lives, is when our expectations aren’t met.

These expectations might be our own that we developed based on our own core beliefs, they may have been instilled in us from a young age by the environments we grew up in, amongst a few, and they could also be the ones that we put in place for others, as we set our expectations of them. Either way when the expectation is not met it is automatically followed by a sense of disappointment, which will have a ripple effect on our lives, whether we are instantly aware of it or not.

Dealing with expectations, disappointments, and the burden of having to worry about these expectations that take control over our lives, choices, feelings, thoughts, and actions, is exhausting. It is a feeling similar to being imprisoned in a cage of never ending concern, fear, and worry. These inevitably will have momentous impact on our mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

If this is something you have experienced over and over, and you are struggling to manage these expectations in order to be liberated from their chains, then you have come to the right place.

This master class is an opportunity to understand the impact of meeting and not meeting others expectations, just as much as the impact of our own expectations not being met by ourselves and by others. This is a safe space to talk, share, learn and discuss, and more importantly, it is an opportunity to understand. Only through understanding and clearing our mindsets will we be able to learn how to manage and deal with expectations and the aftermath that follows it. As a result, this understanding followed by the tools and skills that I will teach you in this class, will help you lead a healthier lifestyle liberated from the burden of struggling to deal with expectations.

What to expect from this Master Class:

  • Learn how/why expectations play an impactful role in our lives
  • What are realistic and unrealistic expectations and how they manifest into different aspects of our lives
  • Discuss different types of expectations and explore where they stem from
  • Learn more about the effects of various expectations on our life choices, feelings, expression, thoughts, and behavior
  • Become more aware of the conflicts that sometimes arise due to certain expectations (personal, social, professional etc.)
  • Learn the importance of managing expectations
  • Discover healthy ways to cope and manage expectations

What the Master Class will involve:

  • Practical exercises (a personal journal is required for these exercises, a pencil/pen and coloring pencils)
  • Discussions and safe space for sharing
  • A Short meditation
  • A Tapping Exercise
  • Time for questions and feedback

About host:

Hala is a Counselor and educator, with years of working with children, parents, teachers, and other professionals and individuals in the Middle East and Australia. With a Masters of Counseling and an extensive experience working with an organization in Australia that focuses on counseling and helping women in particular.  She truly believes in the uniqueness and individuality of each human being, and in the importance of providing them with the safe space to express and overcome their traumas, troubles, and limiting beliefs regardless of their age, gender, and background. She does that by using a Person-Centered approach with each of her clients as she aims to provide each one of them with the support and guidance that they individually need in order to feel empowered, understood, and appreciated. Furthermore, through using various modalities and techniques, Hala aims to teach others how to become their own source of empowerment, love, and support.



  • Cost AED220
  • Mode of payment: Either PayPal Link or bank transfer
  • To book via PayPal CLICK HERE
  • For more details contact us by email or WhatsApp 0503528640

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