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A guided Mandala drawing workshop aimed at practicing mindfulness whilst drawing Mandalas. The theme for this workshop is Healing– participants will be practicing healing affirmations and getting into a flow zone while working on their artwork. This is a two hour workshop, that will begin and end with a guided meditation and is open for beginners as well as those with previous experience.

The objective with this workshop is to be able to reach a state where we can focus enough on the repetitive motion of drawing simple designs that incorporate a mandala to then be able to monitor our thoughts – thereby becoming completely present in the moment. Once we can quieten the mind through art, to be able to replace the subconscious narrative with positive healing affirmations.

We will end the session by taking a moment to reflect on what thoughts came up frequently and whether or not we were being kind to ourselves and not judging ourselves too harshly throughout the session. This session is a lot about self love, about taking the time out to just be kind to ourselves whilst anchoring ourselves in the present moment.


Class Outline:

11:30 – 11:50            Intro to class

11:50 – 12:00            Guided meditation

12:00 – 12:30            Instructions and drawing together

12:30 – 12:45            Break

12:45 – 1:15               Drawing alone time

1:15    – 1:30              Stretch and Reflect


About the instructor:

Yusra is an artist by passion. She loves drawing intricate and delicate designs that put her in a relaxed state. It is this knowledge of allowing art to quieten your mind that Yusra is thrilled to share with other art enthusiasts and hopes that she can impart some of the ways that Art can be used as a means of relaxation and unwinding.

Yusra runs an Art Subscription Box business based out of Abu Dhabi called Ink & Kindness which focuses on creating handmade paper products ranging from hand-bound notebooks to blank greeting cards, all featuring original mandala artwork!


  • Instructor: Yusra
  • Location: Hub of Consciousness Abu Dhabi
  • Cost: AED 285 (with VAT) including art material and Herbal tea
  • All levels are welcome
  • Pre-booking required to save your spot:  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

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