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Let’s heal in nature!

Time to self-reflect and self diagnose our month by the beach.

Join this healing workshop by the beautiful beach of Saadiyat Rotana and learn about your 7 chakras through self diagnose exercises, meditation, breathing techniques and yin restorative yoga. Evaluate your recent thoughts and emotions from the current global changes and understand more of what you truly want and what you are ready to release.

Whether you’re trying to heal a specific wound, looking to improve your manifestation or just hoping to boost your overall well-being, it pays to get in touch with your 7 wheels of energies. In this workshop you will explore each chakra’s meaning and learn how to balance your chakras most effectively through inner self work.

Laura will take you on a journey to still your mind and reconnect with your inner guidance and intuition as she guides you to practicing poses that correspond to each chakra to release these blocks and clear the path to higher consciousness.