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How to look and feel your best from the inside out!

Spring is finally here! And so is the holy month of Ramadan. Springtime brings in the sense of renewal. In the cycle of nature, spring is the new year. This makes spring the perfect season for new beginnings!

This workshop is specially designed for you to spring clean your body, mind and soul. In this workshop you will learn:

1. How to use the power of detoxification to transform your life and health
2. Why detoxification is so effective for weight loss
3. Why detoxification boosts energy, focus and helps improve sleep
4. The science behind the body’s natural detoxification process
5. The connection between environmental toxicity, dietary toxicity, and chronic diseases
6. The importance of a holistic detox encompassing the mind, body and spirit

This workshop is for you if are someone who is unable to break out of health issues like:
*fatigue/ aches and pains
*low energy
*sugar cravings
*nausea and bad breath
*irritability and mood swings
*hard to lose belly fat

Meet your host: Nidhi Kakar

Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach;
Founder, Art of Wellness
MSc.(Food & Nutrition), University of Delhi, India
Integrative Nutrition health Coach Graduate, Institute for Integrative Nutrition. New York, U.S.A



  • This session will be conducted online via Zoom at the comfort of your home!
  • To book click here

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