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A FREE table talk for women where anything and everything is said & expressed without limitations. Topics include, grief, loss, disease, miscarriage, marriage, infidelity and more.

This is a safe space to unite the women of our community and speak our mind about our personal struggles!

Through storytelling, we serve each other by being witnesses to each other, and by giving women the chance to be seen. For many of us, we find that listening is more profound than sharing, for what we have in common as women is far greater than what separates us.

This circle will offer the opportunities for women to open their hearts, express and share stories. A space that will support and encourage one another. It’s a sacred space to honor the uniqueness of each individual. Everyone is equal. You can be seen, heard, and understood without any judgment.

  • Facilitator: Laura-Helene
  • Sessions conducted via ZOOM
  • To book CLICK HERE and fill in your details. Subject: THE SHE CLUB

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