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Enjoy at the comfort of your home a mindful and relaxing morning as you open the gate to the most mysterious part of our body…the brain. What does our subconscious know? What is it trying to tell you? What does it see? What does it believe in?

In this workshop you will learn how to decipher and explore the hidden aspects of the subconscious mind with a simple drawing through metaphor therapy and also learn how to use this amazing modality on your friends and children to help them unblock whatever holds them and you back from having a more joyful and healthy life!

You will draw your life, patterns and beliefs all on a piece of paper and get clarity on what is stopping you to grow and evolve to become a happier you.

With a simple drawing you can become aware of unhealed issues and traumas you experienced in your childhood, understand what is limiting you in the present and recognize what kind of future you are attracting with the hidden believes you carry from your past into your present.

This online workshop will give you the capability and understanding on how to tap into your personality , past issues, and future projections all through a drawing.

Booking details:

  • Host: Sarah  Abdelal
  • Cost: AED180
  • Location: Via Zoom at the comfort of your home
  • Material needed: White Paper and crayons
  • To book CLICK HERE

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