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Ladies, this is your chance to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing getaway not far from home. The Cove Rotana Resor, located in Ras AL KHAIMAH, is where the traditional charm embraces the uniqueness of the Arabian culture. For all women with a passion for personal growth and collective wellness, this retreat is calling for you! Going away and cutting yourself off from technology for a little, practicing yoga, meditating, and mindfully journaling can help open up something inside of you that you might not get with a class.

Come meet yourself and other beautiful women in this very special retreat, where you will discover all your true creativity within you, discovering your inner love, light, and power.

Be in a healing circle of women to mirror the wholeness of your being and allow your whole being to be heard and loved. Embrace the wild you, the wise you, the child you, the strong you and the vulnerable you. You will make a direct connection with Mother Nature, your heart, and body, as a sacred temple that will allow you to reconnect with your divine female essence.  It is time to reconnect with your inner sweet nature, making every moment and every day a sacred ritual: a ceremony dedicated to serving life and love.

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