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The Danger of Comparison


Have you ever watched young children at play? They are completely uninhibited. They laugh, dance, sing, and cry without regard to what other people think. Two babies enjoy each other without noticing the differences

The Danger of Comparison2020-07-10T19:01:15+04:00

Tips to Help Kids Break the Worry Cycle


Our minds are incredibly powerful. They have the ability to help us create amazing things AND they have the ability to torture us.  A powerful example is worrying. Many children experience worry – it’s

Tips to Help Kids Break the Worry Cycle2020-06-10T18:08:37+04:00

5min with Kirbanu


Tell us about yourself: Hi, my name’s Kirbanu - yes, that’s really my name ;) I was born in Australia and spent the first 21 years of my life living at the ocean and

5min with Kirbanu2020-06-05T15:19:18+04:00

5min with Sarah


My name is Sarah and I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist , NLP practitioner and Aura Photography Reader. I conduct private session in addition to various workshops all over Dubai which are fun, deep and educative

5min with Sarah2020-05-16T20:10:31+04:00

Design Your Own Yoga Retreat During Lockdown


Entering the third week of self-isolation, we might all be getting a little edgy and uneased. Although staying inside is the best way to keep us from contracting a lethal virus, the idea that

Design Your Own Yoga Retreat During Lockdown2020-04-11T14:58:57+04:00

5min with Fatima Al Diwani


  Tell us a little about yourself : My name is Fatima Al Diwani, I’m an entrepreneur, a certified Theta healer, CTI coach and a full-time passionate explorer in this beautiful coconut called Earth.

5min with Fatima Al Diwani2020-03-02T12:08:20+04:00

5min with Sona Bahri


My name is Sona Bahri and I have been practising meditation since I was 16, so that’s 32 years now! I was born in India but brought up in Europe, UK, South America and

5min with Sona Bahri2020-02-25T09:56:16+04:00

How Lily Practices Self-love


Hi there, my name is Lily and I am from the UK. I have been living and working as a teacher here in Abu Dhabi for about 14 years. I am lucky enough

How Lily Practices Self-love2020-02-12T09:07:06+04:00

About Laughter Yoga


“Our body is a printout of our mind and if we can program in our mind, we can change the body” My name is Suman Suneja, a qualified Laughter Yoga Master, who has conducted

About Laughter Yoga2020-01-31T11:41:47+04:00

Dreams Come True


Dreams often get a bad rap – “Be realistic”, “Get your head out of the clouds”, “Live in the real world”… The myth we often hear is that dreaming is irresponsible, unrealistic, and unreasonable.

Dreams Come True2020-01-03T20:06:52+04:00