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5 min with Hala


A little bit about yourself and where you are in life right now Hello ladies, my name is Hala Bakir and I am a Counselor and Educator and the founder of Hala Developing Lifestyles.

5 min with Hala2021-01-06T08:28:13+04:00

Kids Gratitude Jar


Gratitude Jar Craft for Kids: Create and connect with your kids over the holidays! Kids love to make gifts during the holidays. And a great gift that is inexpensive, fun to make, and will

Kids Gratitude Jar2020-12-23T08:46:29+04:00

Baking with kids builds self-confidence


Did you know that teaching your kids how to make chocolate chip cookies can build self-confidence? That's right. Any time your kids have an opportunity to learn something new and to create something exciting

Baking with kids builds self-confidence2020-12-21T13:13:29+04:00

5min with Gloria Halim


Tell us about yourself I’m a certified holistic health practitioner, Author of Healing Foods Healthy Foods, TEDx and International speaker. I’m also the founder of Rock On Divas and Gloria Halim Wellness. I moved to the

5min with Gloria Halim2020-09-22T18:37:12+04:00

5min with Victoria


Tell us about yourself I was born and raised in North London by Irish parents, having two brothers and a sister. I moved to the UAE with my husband (Abu Dhabi for my first

5min with Victoria2020-09-13T13:36:26+04:00

5min with Life Coach Husna


Hello! My name is Husna and I am a Mindset Life Coach and CBT Practitioner, founder of Refine Your Mind, a Life Coaching practice focused on motivating women to rise above adversities, build self-awareness

5min with Life Coach Husna2020-09-03T14:05:28+04:00

5min with Lynette


  Tell us about yourself Hello! I'm the founder of COCOON COACHING SOLUTIONS, Master Coach and NLP Kids Practitioner. Born and raised in London, I've lived in the Middle East for over 14 years,

5min with Lynette2020-08-02T16:01:29+04:00

5min with Sheetal


Sheetal is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative nutrition (USA) and one of the top 10 health coaches in the world , from the 2017 cohort  to receive the leadership in health

5min with Sheetal2020-08-02T15:10:08+04:00

5min with Yara Nader


Hello, my Name is Yara and i'm an NLP Practitioner, Marketing expert and a business coach. I host workshops, live sessions and private sessions too. I have a very bubbly character and I'm a compassionate

5min with Yara Nader2020-08-24T12:31:10+04:00

Overcoming Comparison


In the last article "THE DANGER OF COMPARISON", we talked about the dangers of comparison because it can lead to a mindset of constant judgment. We discussed that when kids see themselves as “better than”

Overcoming Comparison2020-07-11T13:34:50+04:00