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5-min with Suzanne


I was working in the corporate world for 20 years, struggling to balance a stressful job in the corporate sector and being available for my children. Just like many moms, I was juggling all

5-min with Suzanne2021-06-06T18:35:54+04:00

5min with Geeta


Hi, my name is Geeta Ramakrishnan, and I am an ICF and NBC-HWC certified Ontological and Wellness coach, focusing on Motivation and Change Management. I am based in Dubai for the last 30 years

5min with Geeta2021-06-01T18:21:28+04:00

Mindful Eating In Ramadan


During Ramadan you should aim to eat in a similar way to your normal everyday diet, unless your normal diet is full of junk or processed foods as they should be avoided all year

Mindful Eating In Ramadan2021-04-15T16:02:41+04:00

Ramadan Health Tips


Ramadan, the most blessed month of the Islamic calendar, is filled with fasting, praying, and giving. Fasting during this month has several spiritual benefits, but it has many physical benefits too. The entire process

Ramadan Health Tips2021-04-13T11:17:21+04:00

5min with Nidhi


Nidhi, is a Dubai based Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Health Coach. She has a Masters degree in Food & Nutrition from University of Delhi, India, and a Health Coaching certification from Institute for

5min with Nidhi2021-04-06T09:11:32+04:00

5min with Manisha


A little bit about yourself and where you are in life right now with this pandemic I was born and raised in Dubai and am now raising 2 beautiful kids in this amazing city.

5min with Manisha2021-02-22T15:58:55+04:00

The Perfect Time To Go For Your Goals


You may have heard statements like these before… As soon as I have more money… As soon as I have more time… As soon as I’m a little older… then I’ll go for my

The Perfect Time To Go For Your Goals2021-02-03T14:23:52+04:00

5 min with Hala


A little bit about yourself and where you are in life right now Hello ladies, my name is Hala Bakir and I am a Counselor and Educator and the founder of Hala Developing Lifestyles.

5 min with Hala2021-01-06T08:28:13+04:00

Kids Gratitude Jar


Gratitude Jar Craft for Kids: Create and connect with your kids over the holidays! Kids love to make gifts during the holidays. And a great gift that is inexpensive, fun to make, and will

Kids Gratitude Jar2020-12-23T08:46:29+04:00