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This is your chance to join a spiritual and awakening journey with Laura to see the shift in your life. On this enjoyable program of healing, you will lovingly release your suppressed emotions and fears using powerful tools and guidance, safely bringing them to the surface so that they can be acknowledged, complete their journey and be healed without you needing to re-live the past.

The 7 Chakras are the main energy centres in the body that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system and determine our overall wellbeing. This ONLINE program is designed by Laura to introduce and deepen your self exploration journey through the 7 chakra system. You will learn about the body’s 7 wheels of energy and how working with these energies can: awaken your inner power, release blockage, energize your soul and heal and balance your system.

You will be introduced weekly to each chakra through uniquely designed yoga classes that aim to connect you with your highest self, inspired by Anodea Judith. You will be guided on how to self-diagnose yourself and see whether a chakra is out of balance and how to harmonise it again. You will have 1 week between each session to continue practicing and tapping into that particular chakra through take away tools and exercises.

At the end of the challenge, you will feel balanced and reconnected to your inner self. You will feel more confident to move forward in your life journey. 

The challenge is showing up for each practice! Remember consistency is KEY to see magic!

 Chakra Challenge days: 

  • Chakra 1 with Meet&Greet: July 5
  • Chakra 2: July 12
  • Chakra 3: July 19
  • Chakra 4: July 26
  • Chakra 5: August 2
  • Chakra 6: August 9
  • Chakra 7 and Ceremony: August 16
Recorded video will be available if you can’t attend. You will have 1 week to access.

Workshop includes

  • YOGA

What comes with it:

A guided book sheet for your practices, exercises and references

Start your inner journey!

Booking Details:

  • Early Bird Rate: AED 1150 (Until June 25) | Regular Rate AED 1350 (including 7 sessions with E- Guide manual & Handout)
  • Sessions are conducted online via zoom
  • Application form required
  • A preparation email will be sent 1 week prior to the workshop
  • For more details email: [email protected] or call us on 0503528640

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