Sri Lanka Soul Retreat December 1-8, 2023

“If you want to push your comfort zone’s boundaries but you’re not sure where to start, then you found the perfect retreat taking place in the beauty of Sri Lanka! How far you want to push your boundaries is totally up to you, and will probably differ depending on what else is going on in your life. Finding that middle ground where you are anxious about trying out something new is what I am looking for in all of you.  How well do you really know yourself?

I look forward in welcoming you to this life changing experience.”– Laura-Helene Kopinski

We all have those moments where we feel stuck in a situation where we see no way out, bored doing the same routine everyday, or even frustrated at the world, right? Which is perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean that you hate your life, it just means that you suspect there is something more. Well guess what, THERE IS!

This is your queue to find new connections, new adventures and new possibilities to grow within yourself. The truth is those possibilities are always within your reach. You may not be able to quit your job or develop new skills, but every day contains within it countless opportunities, all dictated by the choices you make.

Serendipity, the discovery of beauty by coincidence or accident. It has been over 2,000 years that the beautiful island of Sri Lanka offers serendipity to visitors. With its beautiful landscapes, unspoiled golden beaches, an abundance of marine and terrestrial wildlife, historic temples, a unique culture and delicious exotic food, make this Island the chosen destination to disconnect from the world and connect with your inner self, inner soul.

It’s time to take a break and discover more of who you really are in the stunning beach and tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna. Discover and explore your soul through a combination of pursuit activities, adventures, yoga and delicious food. This retreat is hands on filled with a refreshing activity-packed program that balance activity with relaxation catered to anyone. Not only will you be having an adventurous escape, but you will get to meet awesome likeminded people!  Our nurturing team work together to make sure that your entire experience is amazing. So whatever your level of yoga, we promise that you’ll feel totally restored by the end of your stay.

Explore your Resort

Greeted by the serene blue waters of the Indian Ocean, your relaxation begins the moment you arrive at the Coco Bay Unawatuna. This Boutique resort in south Sri Lanka ensures a matchless Experience with its obliging concierge and a breath taking view of the ocean with its own exclusive beach and spectacular location to make your holiday in Sri Lanka a dream come true.

Unawatuna is a picturesque fishing village close to Galle and a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, famous for its stunning coastline and corals. It is a suburb of Galle, about 3 kilometres southeast to the city canter and approximately 108 kilometres south of Colombo.

Located on the quieter side of the famed Unawatuna beach away from the hustle & bustle of the main tourist strip crammed with Unawatuna Hotels, the Coco Bay offers you a quiet and serene atmosphere with catamarans dotting the early morning sea, monkeys on trees and crabs on the beach to keep you company. It is in close proximity to some of the most amazing sightseeing locations in Sri Lanka.

The stunning Coco Bay provides a magnificent view of the Galle fort across the ocean and stunning sunsets. It is also located a few minutes away from the amazing Galle fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its vibrant shops, bars and restaurants for a quick stroll down these exciting cobble stoned streets.

Coco Bay offers guests an experience that is intimate and personalized while providing the highest level of service. Each room is uniquely designed with an amazing sea view from every angle even while enjoying a bath in the Jacuzzi. The spacious balconies are ideal for sipping your evening cocktails while watching the magical sun sets and furnished with comfortable day beds and other designer furniture. Certain elements characterize them all — a beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities, exceptional service and a small number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy of your stay.

Click here to go on a virtual tour of the resort.

Your 7 days itinerary

Our schedule is the right balance of activity and relaxation, allowing you to settle in for a few days and then explore your adventurous journey through fun activities. You can join in with the group as much or as little as you like. If you need your own space, you can enjoy some surfing by the beach, mindful coloring or simply do some writing time in your journal. If you feel like a lazy day, stay by beach in the pavilion gardens of our accommodation.

Note that the below program is optional, you do NOT have to take part in all of them. It’s all up to you. The hotel is also located 5 min away from the main “happening” district where you can enjoy some shopping, hippie coffee shops and yummy traditional restaurants by the beach.

Daily Schedule:

Each day begins as we gather silently in meditation bridging the space between dreams and wakefulness and building to an energizing dynamic yoga practice. The evening yoga practice is healing and restorative, slowing everything down with the long sunset shadows.

  • Daily themes yoga practice with lectures
  • 6:00 am – 7:30 am –  Hatha Flow Yoga with the sunrise
  • 7:45 am – Delicious breakfast served in the pavilion
  • 6:00– 7:30 pm – Restorative Yin evening yoga class
  • 7.45pm – Delicious Sri Lankan meal served by the pavilion

You will have days to explore the beach, the towns, the markets, surf on the beach, enjoy your included excursions, have treatments and more.


We offer two yoga sessions each day, one morning and one early evening with Laura who is our Senior yoga teacher and very much loved by the Adventure Yogi guests. She takes you on a journey that will release, soften and inspire. Each day is varied with new theme, new body focus to ensure you have a truly relaxing experience, following an easy yogic flow. Laura will spent 4 weeks in India before the retreat to prepare a fresh and enlightening program catered to each one of you.

Traditionally the evening classes are more soft, slow, restorative or yin yogish to integrate the day and prepare for a great rest for the night. Let yourself emerge into the flow of your yoga practice. Enjoy the breathing, and relax deeply your body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and also your mind. Let yourself lead your own breath through a class full of regeneration, recreation and calm.

Your included activities

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Koggala Tour

A taste of local culture…

Start your 1st excursion day with a short trip to Koggala Lagoon, where you will enjoy a boat ride to Cinnamon Island. Cinnamon has been big business in Sri Lanka since the 16th century. During your tour of the Island, you will get to interact with the locals, try your hands in cinnamon cultivating, and have a taste of their well renowned cinnamon tea. We will then accompany you to a local restaurant where you will have a traditional Sri Lankan lunch (vegan and vegetarian options are available).

After lunch, we will take you along the coast for some beautiful and memorable photo opportunities of local fishermen and a lighthouse. The final stop of your tour is the famous turtle farm. In here, the turtles are being protected and nurtured before being released into the wild. The tour will include feeding the turtles, interacting with them, a detailed explanation about the mission of the farm, and loads of great photo opportunities.


The Lagoon and Village Cycling Tour goes at your own pace. You get off the beaten track with an easy 12 km ride from approximately 2.5 to 3 hours depending on how comfortable you are and how fast you wish to cycle. You will get to experience the local biodiversity in Sri Lanka- mangrove forest, topical palms, ferns and lots of coconut trees, and you will stop over at an ancient rock Buddhist temple. Throughout this journey you will pass through lush green paddy fields, a big part of people’s life here in south Sri Lanka. After cycling around the lagoon, a short journey on the main road and a stop for a refreshing king coconut winds down your tour before you head back to the final destination.

Lagoon canoeing

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island blessed with hundreds of rivers, reservoirs, ancient canals and lagoons. This excursion will allow you to explorer the natural beauty of the landscapes and the culture of the local people. During this leisure canoeing trip on this beautiful lagoon, canoeists can marvel at ever-changing landscapes and fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Canoeing is the perfect way for you to appreciate the prolific wildlife including beautiful birds and breathtaking views of the surrounding mangrove forest as you paddle.


This hiking journey starts 18km away from the beach of Unawatuna near a small village at the east side of Hayare rainforest. Prepare to get your feet dirty as this hike takes you through a narrow dirt path that goes around the rainforest. After nearly 3 hours of hiking you can enjoy a nice cool dip in a waterfall with mesmerizing views of tea plantations and the surrounding area.


Every guest will get a 45 minute Sarvangadhara therapy during the retreat. Sarvangadhara is an anointing of the whole body. Two therapists apply 5 quarts of warm herbal oil in gentle continuous streams over the whole body. The client assumes a series of 6 easy lying and sitting positions. After one hour the skin is toweled off thoroughly. The flow of warm oil gently washes away tension accumulated over years of stress. Habitual patterns of holding vital energy deep inside feel opened and soothed.

Your Accomodation


The deluxe rooms are located on the 1st floor providing sensational views of the Indian Ocean from any part of the room, even while enjoying a Jacuzzi bath. All rooms are comfortably furnished with Extra king sized double beds and designer furniture. The large balcony, ideal for sipping your favorite cocktail while watching magical sunsets are furnished with day beds and comfortable outdoor furniture with dining facilities.


In addition to all the facilities that are provided with the sea escape deluxe rooms, the aqua deluxe rooms include a private plunge pool with an amazing view of the ocean and a spacious private terrace.

Feed Your Soul

The ‘LA MER’ beach restaurant, located directly on a fabulous secluded beach in a splendid setting, is one of the highest rated Unawatuna restaurants. The LA MER beach restaurant at Coco Bay offers the best in fine dining Mediterranean cuisine including day’s fresh sea food ,choice cuts of meat, authentic Italian pizza’s and pasta, French baguettes and innovative sandwiches. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes and authentic down south Sri Lankan cuisine is also on offer. You will not want to miss the delightful selection of desserts and a variety of international coffees and the best of Sri Lankan tea.

* Vegan and vegetarian option are available

* You will get to pre order your breakfast and dinner plan so that your meals can be ready and served after your yoga practices


2017 yogis Testimonials

This retreat was among my best life experiences. it exceeded my expectation by far. I loved the vibes and the positive energy that I felt through the day, can’t ignore the fact that Laura put so much of her in all of this. The yoga sessions were challenging, yet each time left me with even better feelings. I honestly love who I am more now, and I appreciate all my flaws and imperfections as they make me, me! Thank you from the buttom of my heart, for such a great experience and unforgettable memories. Loved every single part of it

Mai Zakarneh

As a relatively new mother, I tend to forget and neglect myself. I got to reconnect with my soul, my purpose and nature in here. I was also able to do some charity work to feed myself with love. I was able to push myself in all activities. I met new ladies, I learnt that I could easily adapt and connect with other people. It was a very resourceful trip. It came in at the right time for me to absorb the maximum of positive energy and go back to my family and spread it.

Racha Hallak

IT WAS AMAZING! I loved everything about this. I learnt to better be in touch with my body, to try to love it and accept it. I learnt that EVERYONE can do yoga. I learnt about its benefits on health and well-being. I learned to be kind to myself.  I learnt to challenge myself more

Nour Thome

In this trip, I experienced spiritual awakening, experienced emotions and healed from things I never knew were there. The adventures and getting out of my comfort zone wasn’t a bad idea after all, it made me learn so much about myself, my abilities and my strengths, even my weaknesses. Started finding good in people, not only in my solitude and comfort zone, where I thought I can find myself. I also discovered the people around and learned so much just being around them. I learned how to love and receive love unconditionally.


This was my first time to experience a wellness retreat and I really enjoyed the activities. Cycling, scuba diving and cooking were my top 3! I was so scared to try diving, but I am glad I did it as it was incredible. The hotel was beautiful, the staff were superb and the rooms were always clean. I would recommend this retreat to others. Great job Inner Seed!


2018 yogis Testimonials

It was far better than what I expected. I truly enjoyed and learned from the yoga sessions and connected on a deep level with amazing souls. Thus, I fell in love with Sri Lanka, its nature is stunning and helped me connect with inner self on a deep level. I came back with new resolutions, refreshed, more focused on my journey and in total alignment with the source.


This retreat was everything I need and it was above my expectations. If you have questions to answer or need to reflect inward – this is your retreat. I loved this retreat because of the active daily program, the physical adventure and soul journey


What I have learned is to always be myself and always be opened to other people and their experiences and never judge others and give myself the chance to know them with openness and honesty. I learned the importance to always go back to nature to refresh myself and cleanse my soul


I was so happy to be apart of such an inclusive event.  An event focused on bringing the community of women together, and gifting them opportunity to try new things, as well as educating them on health and wellness.  Laura did an Amazing job at organizing the event, putting thought and heart into every aspect. She brought together different vendors from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offering classes and talks to better ones health and wellness. She gave opportunity to smaller business’ to share their offerings, and created a beautiful space of encouragement.  I am excited to see what next year holds!


This is my first trip with Inner Seed and it will not be the last for sure.. Love it so much. I learned a lot to open up with nature respect and listen to people and to their experience in life


I loved the pace of the program. I had enough time to reflect. I love how you are holding the whole group with love.


Helping Hand

At Inner Seed we also believe in contributing to the international community. While we focus on providing children with basic necessities such as food and water, we also provide them with basic school learning tools such as books, pens and pencil cases. It is our aim to support them in creating a sustainable and bright future. We invite our retreat guests to bring clothes for donation and have a chance to visit schools and the Sambohdi Special needs Center.

Sambodhi home Galle: A special-needs facility which housed 86 people the morning of December 26, 2004 only 42 remained alive a few hours later after the SE Asian tsunami. Home to many of Sri Lanka’s cultural and societal discards it has become a place of life change for many who have ventured beyond its doors over the last several years. Sambodhi is home to all sorts of maladies including: Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, blind, deaf, those with limps and those who are just unwanted. A place which challenges all physically, emotionally and spiritually it is a remarkable location where one will learn to deepen their capacity to give and to love.

Additional information

Please note that the below offerings are NOT included in the price package.

Challenge yourself and discover the beauty of what lies beneath the waters of Unawatuna. Enjoy the warm waters and feast your eyes on the colorful corals while diving with the many different species that inhibit the deep waters. Satisfy your adventurous side by doing a ship wreck dive where you can see the interesting remnants of the wreck like oil barrels, transmission parts and relatively intact parts of the great hull. You don’t have your diving license? Don’t fret you can still enjoy this amazing trip by doing a 3-hour fun dive accompanied by a PADI certified dive master. You will swim with the warm current, dive around the coral reefs, and feed the fish from your own hands.


  • Galle’s status as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE means it is also a sight-seeing heaven with colonial heritage artifacts.  Customized day trips can be arranged. The following  sites can be visited.
  1. Historical Galle Fort
  2. The Jungle Beach
  3. The Peace Pagoda
  4. The Turtle Hatchery
  5. The Tea Plantation
  6. Cinnamon plantation
  7. The yatagala Temple (Old Temple)
  8. Martin Wickramasinghe Museum
  9. Maritime Archeology Museum
  • Jungle beach which is in walking distance is amazing for snorkeling with clear blue waters and many species of tropical fish. Snorkeling gear available for hire.
  • Surfing and surfing school for beginners – With its rolling waves the sea in front of the resort is ideal for soft surfing. We have selected a safe and approved company which is recommended on Trip Advisor and offers private surf lessons and 5 day, 3 day and daily surfing packages. Boards available for rent.

Join us