Teen Yoga Teacher Training April 9-13, 2020

Do you feel passionate about the well-being of young people? Would you like to support young people perform better in school? Would you like our future generation to have more satisfying relationships and develop a robust toolbox of coping strategies towards emotional resilience through specific yoga and mindfulness techniques? Then this is the training for YOU!

Join our *60 hours Teen Yoga teacher training program in Abu Dhabi from April 9-13, 2020 for a 5 day workshop hosted by the founder of Teen Yoga, Charlotta  Martinus.

*60 hours including 10 hours homework and 10 hours observation.

This course will help you develop a full understanding of how to teach yoga and mindfulness to adolescents aged 11 to 18, with a special focus on the 13 to 15 age group as this can be the most challenging time, developmentally, in working with teenagers.

For many, yoga proves to be a life changing tool. In the face of abuse or other trauma, yoga gives a toolkit to teens to change their path in life and head for a more successful and joyful future.

This course comes with a fully comprehensive manual written by expert teachers in various areas. It is designed to build your confidence and fill in the gaps of knowledge, looking at the infinite and classic wisdom of the philosophy of yoga for inspiration and blending it with present cutting edge research and science to give us a full picture of how best to approach this population with the healing science of yoga. At the end of this course you will feel completely confident to run a course, either intra-curricula or ex-curricula.

The aim of the course is to give you an insight into how to adapt your yoga into a  therapeutically specific system for issues and challenges that may arise commonly among this population such as: self-harm , young carer situation, victim of abuse, victim of bullying, stress derived from academic or family pressure, general non-specific somatisation or general anxiety. A normal yoga class is seldom enough to really address any problems that may be arising among a normal young population. Kids’ yoga is also worlds away from what is needed in a class for teenagers.

The course will also provide students with a toolbox of class structures and techniques to teach young people flexibility, strength, emotional stability, self-esteem and an overall sense of well-being through the yoga practice.

You will be required to do some reflective homework after each day, and your teaching will be assessed for certification.

5 day course from 9am to 5pm will consist of the following:

Day 1   – Psychology and sociology of the adolescent and its relevance to yoga
Day 2  – Anatomy and physiology of the adolescent and relevance to yoga postures and breathing
Day 3  – Neuroscience of yoga and adolescence and how they correlate
Day 4  – Chakra theory and adolescents
Day 5  – Marketing – how to market yoga and bring it to schools and community

Meet the founder of Teen Yoga: Charlotta Martinus

 (SYT, YA) is the principle instructor, teaching in London and abroad

Charlotta has worked with young people since the late 80s as a school teacher, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She has been blessed to have been trained by Mukunda Styles, Dr Uma Krishnamurti and many other prominent yogis from India as well as Heather Mason of the Minded Institute. Her book, TeenYoga for yoga therapists was published in August 2018 by Hachette and is available in Australia, USA, NZ, Canada and the UK. She speaks on BBC radio and collaborates with BBC TV. She is also involved in the UK Government, supporting yoga in schools. She has trained over 850 students to deliver yoga to teenagers across the world and continues her private practice from her home in Somerset. She is considered the world leader in all aspects of yoga for teenagers.

Teen Yoga was created in 2004 to respond to demand from the school community in the UK and also to the yoga community in the UK. It is a company that runs training courses across the world. It also tailors specific courses to schools and health workers to aid them in incorporating mindfulness and yoga into their work.
Charlotta continues to find working with adolescents deeply rewarding and finds the relationship with the students extremely exciting and nurturing to her own sense of fun and authenticity.

Location and accommodation:

  • Training will take place at THE STUDIO, CORNICHE.
  • 5 day training: 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break
  • For people living outside Abu Dhabi city, we will be happy to assist you with great hotel rates located 5 minutes away from the studio.


  • Note that we have limited seats available for this training.
  • Early Bird rates: AED 5,000 expires on December 20th, 2019
  • Rate: AED 5,500
  • *Rate includes your comprehensive manual and certificate of completion

You will receive:

  • 40/60 hour Teen Yoga teacher training credited by both the UK and US YOGA ALLIANCE
  • Discounted rates at a cafe near by for lunch breaks
  • 10% Discount for any yoga class during your training

Congratulations to our 12 empowering and passionate women for completing their TEEN YOGA TEACHER training. We are eager to see them fly and make a difference in young people’s lives.
(Sarah missing)

Click here to view The National newspaper interview with one of our recent graduates and the founder of Inner Seed

Abu Dhabi 2017 Testimonials

Charlotta did a wonderful job of creating and holding a safe space for all of us to learn and share ideas/best practices/etc. I am grateful that we had a small group and that we were able to get to know each other. Overall,  I really enjoyed it.

kat Owens

Thank you Laura for putting together such a great workshop, it was a pleasure to exchange with someone as knowledgeable and sensitive as Charlotta. It was a pleasure to meet other ladies sharing similar interests and passionate about teaching in general and particularly teenagers. Thank you for your hard work, this training has been useful to me and planted the seeds for further research. Very grateful for that!

Melanie Lopez

The space was wonderful, nice with water and fruit during th day, and Laura was very kind and welcoming. Charlotta is an extremely competent teacher and shoved in her way of teaching and her loving personality, how to make everyone feel welcome. The TT was overall a great experience, and the content of the manual inspiring and professional. Nice with scientific evidence for the benefits of yoga-

Love Lilu (Denmark)

Other testimonials from Chalotta’s training across the world:

“Words can’t explain what an amazing course you have put together!! You opened a whole new fascinating world to me and for that I am truly grateful!! I will highly recommend to anyone to take Teenyoga course with you.”- Ayala, Childrens’ book writer

“This is a life changing course…if you have any interest in helping the youth of today become balanced adults of tomorrow do this course!!!!!”- DC Samantha Hare, Met Police, London

“If you’re thinking of doing this course, please don’t hesitate. It was life changing, well worth the investment of time and money.”- Caron, Writer

“I looked for the best course out there, and found this one.”-  Dave, Secondary School teacher

“Thanks for a wonderful course, it helped it many ways that I hadn’t anticipated,  the course content and pace was just right and the mini teaching sessions were a great way to practise teaching without exam style pressure , especially for those who weren’t yoga teachers. We repeated the exercise on Sunday  it was very helpful. The manual is great and a testament to the amount of work you put into it.”- Victoria, Prison Yoga

“Thank you for running such a wonderful course, I really enjoyed it, I am waiting to hear if my yoga class here at CAMHS is going to be approved “- Lucy, Systemic Family Therapist

“I am perplexed why we don’t learn this at Medical School and also what a fantastic tool to share with young people before they come to us, to help them control their anxieties, pain and weight as well as prevent simple problems from becoming worse. I highly recommend this course.”- Ellie, Paediatrician, London