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Starting Your Face Workout Journey 

Join a complimentary 30 minute face workout class with Dora Peric the founder of Fit Face and learn key face exercises and face massage techniques for glowing skin.
Find out  how to use the gua sha and roller correctly.
BONUS: Becoming a face yoga teacher- tips and tricks for aspiring teachers. Learn how you can join our first online face yoga teacher training.  Register and receive our beauty tool guide FREE! Visit Fit Face

After her own struggles with mental health and suffering from a potentially fatal infection of facial bones in 2014, Isadora discovered face yoga as a healing tool primarily for herself. After realizing how much it could help others, it became her mission to learn as much as possible about this ancient technique and to share it with the world.


She had dedicated years to understanding face muscles and facial anatomy- a subject she found fascinating and very underappreciated. How can we spend so much time on the muscles of our body but completely forget facial muscles?


Through her practice she discovered how much our face not only affects how people perceive us BUT also how we feel about ourselves.


Get your beauty face tools, prepare your essential oils and join us LIVE on @innerseed Instagram page. Dora will also be happy to answer any face yoga beautify questions! This is your chance!

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