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Inner Seed invites you to our Online Healing circle to unite the women of our community and talk about how these current changes are affecting us. Grab your coffee and let’s talk!

Through storytelling, we serve each other by being witnesses to each other, and by giving women the chance to be seen. For many of us, we find that listening is more profound than sharing, for what we have in common as women is far greater than what separates us.

This virtual circle will offer the opportunities for women to open their hearts, express and share stories. A space that will support and encourage one another. It’s a sacred space to honor the uniqueness of each individual. Everyone is equal. You can be seen, heard, and understood without any judgment.

  • Sign up details: Session will be conducted on zoom application. Click here to sign up with your full name and number, you will then receive an email with special ID allowing you to join the Zoom group. Please also be aware that this is not automated, so it may take some time for links to come through. Hence needing a minimum of a 30-minute sign up before class.  For more details WhatsApp 0503528640
  • Cost: FREE

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