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What a better way to ground ourselves other than with mother nature herself.

Join a relaxing healing journey away from the busy city life with like-minded women. Laura will take you for grounding & centering experience on a private island by the mangroves where nothing can disturb your peace.

What is Grounding?

Grounding or “earthing” is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that allow you to reconnect you to the earth. There are various benefits to grounding that help with inflammation, muscle damage, chronic pain, and mood swings.

Through grounding the natural defenses of the body can be restored. Now how amazing is nature?

You will learn how to ground and connect to your own body and understand how this can impact the relationships in your life. You will be guided to a place in yourself where you can welcome the deep wisdom from within, and will walk away with experiences and tools to help you show up in life more open & confident.


  • 4:30pm meeting point
  • 4:45pm Boat cruise going to a private island
  • On island: Grounding exercises & tools, circle talk, meditation & yoga
  • 7:15pm: Back in Abu Dhabi
  • Arrival at 8pm


  • Lightworker: Laura-Helene Kopinski
  • Limited Spots
  • Cost AED 250 (NET – includes fruit box and boat ride )
  • Timing: (2hrs) 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • Al hosn green pass or A PCR 48hours validity is required
  • ANANTARA Abu Dhabi by the Promenade
  • For more details WhatsApp 0503528640
  • To book CLICK HERE

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