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This Masterclass will tackle the importance of re-centering  ourselves and getting back to the center of our lives, without the external and internal demands that keep us from being in tune with ourselves. 

As women who have so much to cater to on a personal, professional, family and even social level, it is imperative that we learn how to keep ourselves grounded, and yes, in the center of our own universe! This is not intended to make us sound self centered, on the contrary, it is aimed at highlighting the importance of recognizing how by being centered, aware, prepared, balanced, and protected from the chaos around us we can continue to thrive and grow and learn how to create that balance in our lives. 

This masterclass is for mothers, professionals, and is also open to ladies who feel the need to learn how to begin to tune in to their inner self.

This workshop will entail open discussions, and there will be allocated time for questions to be answered throughout. 

The main points of the Masterclass will include: 

  • Understanding what re-centering ourselves mean 
  • Discovering how to tune in to your inner self 
  • Discussing and uncovering why it is important to re-center yourselves after summer breaks and holidays 
  • Learn the tools to help you center yourself 
  • Take away skills, tools, and strategies 

Registration details:

  • Masterclass taking place on ZOOM
  • Anyone is welcome in this workshop
  • Cost: AED 180
  • For more details WhatsApp 0503528640
  • Recorded video available if you are unable to attend
  • Payment can be done either via PAYPAL ( extra charges) CLICK HERE or bank transfer (net price) CLICK HERE  to contact us

About the host:

Hala is a Counselor and educator, with years of working with children, parents, teachers, and other professionals and individuals in the Middle East and Australia. With a Masters of Counseling and an extensive experience working with an organization in Australia that focuses on counseling and helping women in particular.  She truly believes in the uniqueness and individuality of each human being, and in the importance of providing them with the safe space to express and overcome their traumas, troubles, and limiting beliefs regardless of their age, gender, and background. She does that by using a Person-Centered approach with each of her clients as she aims to provide each one of them with the support and guidance that they individually need in order to feel empowered, understood, and appreciated. Furthermore, through using various modalities and techniques, Hala aims to teach others how to become their own source of empowerment, love, and support.

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