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Setting boundaries is an important part of maintaining healthy relationships and personal well-being. It’s essential to communicate your needs and limits while also respecting the needs and boundaries of others. However, it can be challenging and many people struggle with feelings of guilt when setting boundaries.

This workshop will help you establish and enforce boundaries without experiencing excessive guilt. This is where we as women come together to connect, learn, and grow.

If you resonate with the below, then this is the workshop for you:

  • – You tend to say YES when you feel you want to say No.
  • – You are noticing you are do or say things to please others, yet you feel resentment within.
  • – You are ending the day feeling emotionally exhausted carrying the guilt- believing you didn’t do enough.
  • – You find it hard to ask for help and voice what you desire or need.
  • – You tend to be left with a heavy feeling of guilt if you do say no to your loved ones.

Workshop includes:

  • – Empowering and awakening breathwork & visualization to connect within
  • – Gentle movement to invite the body into safety and ease.
  • – Open the concept of boundaries: (a) Why we set them, (b) How to set them with loved ones, (c) What language can help us better vocalize our needs, (d) Five-step process to setting boundaries without feeling guilty, and (e) A step-by-step process of what to do when we feel the natural emotion of guilt.

The workshop will end with community and connection and reminder that you are never alone in this journey. A transformative workshop that will have you feel liberated, strong, clear, and energized voice your needs and welcome a better version of you into 2024. There is no better time to start than now!

Join this workshop and don’t let guilt hold you back from taking care of yourself and prioritizing your own needs.


  • – Cost: AED 200 | Excluding VAT & Service Charge
  • – Facilitator: Sasha Quince
  • – Location: Online via Zoom
  • – Ladies event only | All levels are welcome
  • – For details and inquiries: Email [email protected] or WhatsApp 0503528640

About the Facilitator: Sasha

Sasha started her journey of healing in 2009 when she experienced the greatest love loss – losing her sister. She found solace in meditation that inspired her to transition from the corporate world into the wellness world of yoga, mindfulness, training and coaching other women.  

She has mentored hundreds of women on their healing and self-awareness journey and has also continued to evolve herself through healing her inner child, reframing her negative mindset and deepening her worth.

Today Sasha mentors and empowers women to build and attract healthy love by healing the inner child, voicing needs, and embracing self-love. 

Sasha is the first to practice what she preaches and continue to work on herself.

Her inspiration to write her Boundaries E book started was inspired as she started to address and recover from people pleasing, inner resentment and the guilt of learning to put herself first.

Sasha believes when we speak our needs, learn to manage our emotions, reframe our mindset we become empowered and feel the essence of freedom that is 100% our birth right as a human being.

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