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This healing workshop will teach you the tools and techniques you will need to not only connect with your inner-child, but also to heal and reparent her. Drawing from teachings from psychology, neurolinguistic programing and mindfulness, this workshop will offer a holistic perspective on inner child healing. You will understand the psychological notions that govern inner child healing as well as practical tools that you can incorporate into your daily life for a more empowered reality. You will be guided into a deep inner child meditation to discover and unfold what needs to be healed.
By connecting with our inner-child, we gain access to new information about our unhealed wounds, and the needs that may not have been met when we were actually children.

About Your Host:

Dalia has a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology. She is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner,  Hypnotherapist, ThetaHealing instructor, Reiki Master, Access Bars facilitator and yoga teacher. Her approach to therapy is holistic and borrows from multiple disciplines to leave the client feeling empowered. She has been a mental health therapist for over seven years and offers sessions, workshops, trainings, and free content to help people take control of their lives.
  1. Cost AED220 ( avail a 15% if you join the free webinar on Monday 16th)
  2. Online session from 5:00-7:00pm
  3. To book online CLICK HERE
  4. For more information WhatsApp 0503528640

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