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On the on occasion of Women international day and Mother’s day, we have the honor to welcome you to our yearly March Specials Event on Friday 22nd. Bring a friend, a sister, your mother, a group of friends, or just yourself and share in the love!

Do you feel that you have an inner purpose that’s calling you to help bring more elegance and grace to the world?

Women have a key to unlocking massive potential in our society. It is really really time that for us to open that door for ourselves, our communities and the world. We want to invite you to be part of this opportunity to support women reclaiming empowerment.

Blind Folded Painting helps to let go off emotions through non-dominant hand, blindfolded, and experimental painting to music.  By immersing yourself into an abstract painterly process you begin to create something from within you. By doing so you create a very unique and secretive visual, which is stunning in its complexity, without being explicit. That’s your intuition laid out in front of you.

This technique is completed in 3 phases, which will eventually help to unleash the learning on how to let go, how to free our self from emotions and indulge into a process of painting and immerse into a new world of colours, love, intuition, empowerment and enlightenment. 


Leave your worries behind…let your guard down and enjoy creative exploration…Feel empowered as you create a masterpiece blindfolded that will leave people in awe…So much fun! You have to trust in yourself to experience a cool piece of painted art…blindfolded!  

The workshop Outline:

  1. Meditation to self awareness
  2. Learn about letting go of your past
  3. A holistic and complete approach to heal with art
  4. Empowering creativity blindfolded
  5. How to paint blindfolded and much more

Registration details:

  • Date: March 22
  • Location: The Studio Abu Dhabi
  • Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm
  • Cost: AED 400. Every student takes away a master piece they have created on the canvas ‘blindfolded’.
  • Snacks and Tea will be provided
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothes that don’t mind staining
  • What to bring: An Apron and a scarf to be blindfolded
  • To book call 0503528640 or email [email protected]
  • Payment: Either through bank transfer or by cash at THE STUDIO



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