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Come and join Dalal for a 75-minute of a mat Pilates experience, she is going to introduce you to the wonders of your beautiful body, take you on an awareness journey of your pelvic floor, and leave you feeling good about yourself by the end of the class.

As a woman your body is designed to beautifully serve you during all of the stages of your life. 

Pilates can help you breath three dimensionally, improve your posture, strengthen your core, enhance the rotation, flexion and extension of your spine, and support your balance and many more!

If you are willing to be an adventurous mom-to-be, there’s always something special for you; the pre-natal classes are your sweet spot throughout your pregnancy. Your body is going to love Pilates to a limit you will want to take it to the next level with the post-natal classes after you have your new baby!

Pilates is for everyone; all you need to do is bring your self love with you to the class, set your intention, clear off your mind and be there on the mat with me! 

See you on the mat! 


  • Facilitator: Dalal Aboguddah
  • Location: Zen The Spa, Saadiyat Rotana Resorts & Villas
  • Ladies only private space
  • All levels are welcome
  • Al Hosn green pass or a valid 48hrs PCR is required
  • Cost: AED 150 (VAT Included)
  • Pre-booking required to save your spot (mention the subject)CLICK HERE TO BOOK

About the facilitator:

Dalal is a nutritionist and a mat Pilates instructor based in Abu Dhabi. 

She loves helping ladies become aware of their core and love their bodies through mat Pilates and is willing to take her classes to the next level with pre and post-natal Pilates as well.

She also loves to help ladies set a healthy mind-gut connection to boost their mental and spiritual health through food and lifestyle.

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