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Are you ready for a unique and transformative experience?

Join us for a Biofield Tuning Healing Session and unlock the power of sound and vibration to release any blockages and enhance your heart energy. This unique and powerful healing modality can help you find balance, clarity, and connection with your inner self. You’ll leave feeling more grounded, centered, and empowered to live your best life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of Biofield Tuning

The intention of this workshop is to cleanse your Higher Heart Chakra, heal the thymus and open your wings.

The modality is Biofield Tuning, which is unique targeted sound healing. It is the perfect way to quickly and easily de-stress because results are immediate. Each deeply relaxing session is like having a sonic massage for your soul.

As a Biofield Tuning practitioner, Julie will use pure sound vibrations from specialised tuning forks to gently change the electrical rhythms and patterns in your bioplasma, the electromagnetic field of energy, that surrounds and supports your body.

Your personal field is a form of light. It extends 2 meters all around you like a slowly spinning illuminated cloud. It has stored within it all of your emotional experiences, in harmonious waves of vibration, laid down across the years since you were born. It is a precious record of your soul’s growth. But if some of your life experiences have been emotionally traumatic and too hard to process, they freeze in your field, acting as drains on your energy and blocking you from moving forward in the present. They sound like noisy discord. These old emotional scars can grow and really pull you off balance, causing mood swings, anxiety and even physical symptoms of pain and illness.



A single Biofield Tuning session dissolves this stuck energy, harmonises it and returns it to you. You are tuned back into neutral, clarity and calm, and the light you had lost, glows once more. Repeated sessions have cumulative long lasting effects.

Signs of being returned to your natural balance are feeling comfortable in your own skin and at peace with yourself and the world around you. You have more energy and feel buoyant, less burdened. And you will even look clearer, brighter and lighter!

– Ladies only | Limited to 6 people only
– Herbal tea and circle talk included
– Location: Zen The Spa, Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas
– Facilitator: Julie Adrienne Troup
– To book CONTACT US here
– For more details WhatsApp 0503528640

About the Facilitator:

Julie Adrienne Troup is a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master and HeartMath Facilitator.

She promotes balanced wellbeing and expansion of consciousness through the vibrational healing frequencies of sound and light.

Pure sound is scientifically proven to support cellular health, lower blood pressure, promote wound healing, reduce pain, release endorphins and much more. It works for everyone and is gentle and non-invasive. She tunes both the body and the electromagnetic field that surrounds it, shifting rhythms and patterns of unease back into balanced well-being. You will feel lighter, clearer and brighter.

Julie offers delightful soundbaths and guided meditations, playing multiple instruments, including crystal bowls and giant gong, to provide a deeply relaxing, uplifting, healing experience.

In 2014, she began her sound journey at the Academy of Sound UK. She has been trained by many sound pioneers worldwide. She has recently studied the new quantum science of pure sound and light, Sonic Science and Cymatics, where it is proven that at a quantum level we are all made of vibration, animated and supported by energy. 

She was also trained in Luminary Leadership in Glastonbury UK exploring feminine centred power. 

Her sessions are a unique synthesis of energy frequencies, carefully designed to guide you into a state of dynamic peace, which is where healing happens. This has been proven by her own subsequent healing from chronic asthma, anxiety, two slipped discs and a knee injury, along with reverse aging! It is her passion to share what she had learned, to help people feel amazing. 

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