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Join a 90min of pure bliss with Laura as she guides you into a restorative experience through yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Our bodies are not designed to be on the go all the time. Most activities we engage in, expend energy rather than restore it and then we wonder why overtime we start to feel weak, fatigued or unwell. Restorative yoga refills the cup, it gives the body a chance to rebuild and recuperate. Our bodies are designed to be in a restful state the majority of the time! Big shifts happen in our health and well being when we rest deeply like this, you will be surprised!

This workshop will bring your body and mind into a natural sense of balance that provides healing. We will focus on poses for easing the body, heart, and mind into a state of compassion. Compassion for oneself, each other, and the earth. Sometimes it’s hard to get there when life provides us with so many obstacles.

You will leave feeling peaceful, regenerated and truly alive with much more vitality.


Date: October 22
Location: The Studio, Corniche
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Cost: AED 160* including a delicious smoothie of your choice
BYO: Yoga mat
Wear comfortable clothes
All levels are welcome
Pre-booking required to save your spot: contact 02-6210000 or CLICK HERE

*VAT price included
*Bring your own

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