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Inviting parents for a FREE talk about Mindfulness
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Growing Presence: Mindfulness & the Parental Transformation

Parenting can take a huge toll on any relationship. When I speak about relationships, there are three basic ones that concern me as a parent coach: the parent in relation to self, their parenting partner, and their child. Things can get complicated when you add other family and community, but my primary focus is on the parent change process. Mindful attention is the key to positive parental transformation. Many of our greatest parenting a-ha’s come from embracing our fragility and learning from observing. We are all beautiful works in progress, imperfect and striving to learn and grow through our experiences.

Speaker Amanda Tinnin:’ I am a Montessori-trained PCI Certified Parent Coach® and a respectful parenting guide. My personal 5-year parenting journey combined with extensive Montessori study and Parent Coaching Institute training made me realize that we need to approach parenting not from a teaching or problem-solving model, but a coaching one built on evidence-based research on what works to help provide the groundwork for successful family dynamics of your unique living system. I help transform families from the inside out. I coach individuals, couples, and groups in every stage of their parenting journey.

In this talk I will briefly describe what a parent coach does, introduce the Appreciative Inquiry-based PCI Coaching Model™ in which I am trained and share personal stories from both my personal and parent coaching experience with families in the UAE that show how lasting change processes come from mindfulness. I will then answer specific questions from your current parenting struggles to help you take practical steps into laying the foundation for transformation in your particular family. Being mindful is one of the best forms of self-care there is and modeling kindness and patience with ourselves and our partner is one of the greatest gifts we can provide our children, but it is a skill that requires on-going practice and commitment. Before you know it, change will come.

Anna Kaminski BSc, DipCouns, BSc(Hons)Psych, MA. Psych.
Anna Kaminski, MA Psych, is a mindfulness educator, an author of children’s books, a life-long student, and a parent. She enjoys meeting with children, fellow parents, teachers and mental health professionals at schools and conferences, where she promotes the message of mindful living. She is
passionate about combining mindfulness and psychology in her work of supporting young people.

The talk: Not just about sitting still
This session is an introduction to mindfulness. Reasons for its popularity will be briefly discussed, as well as ways how mindfulness can be helpful in everyday life. The participants will get a chance to practice mindfulness and learn how to
introduce it to children. I look forward to seeing you there!

Laura-Helene Kopinski: Founder and Owner of Inner Seed.
Kids Life Coach and Kids Yoga instructor, Laura will teach you tools and techniques that you can practice together with your kids, to create a more mindful and peaceful environment

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