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Letting go of things, which do not serve you, also brings you the same sense of fulfillment. You will see the inner reward that comes to you when you are doing things that bring you contentment, gladness and joy. In this way,  you will no longer magnetize toxic or negative circumstances.

Designed to bring you back into the peace and wisdom of your heart. You will relax completely, allowing the self-healing properties of your own body to work for you, rejuvenating and healing cells and organs in the most amazing way. Often stuck emotions are released and the mind is quite giving you the experience of transcendence and being one with all that exists.

This special edition of sound healing, letting go of 2023 through vibrations intends to help you open your mind to new perspectives and viewpoints.  Letting go of old thinking especially of what is not serving you and move forward to achieve your life purposes.


  • Ladies only
  • Location: At the beach, Saadiyat Rotana Resorts & Villas
  • Cost: AED270 ( Including VAT + Service Charge)
  • Instructor: Sonia Gonzalez
  • To book CONTACT US  here
  • For more details WhatsApp 0503528640

About the Facilitator:

Sonia Gonzalez has a diverse background and ultimately is a seeker of truth. Apart from a Litentiate in Music Performance, she is a Mechanical Engineer who holds Masters in Business Administration and Marketing. A Reiki Master, opera classical singer and published author, she is a Sound Alchemist and Vocal Coach dedicated to sharing the powerful wonders of sound, the vibrational medicine that aligns individuals to their highest potential.

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