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The best way to start off your 2024 journey to holistic wellness!

Are you seeking balance and rejuvenation in your life? Look no further than our exclusive monthly wellness fusion workshop tailored just for you! Get ready to experience the perfect fusion of yoga, refreshing smoothies, and the uplifting power of the Women’s Circle.
This unique event brings together a monthly themed practice followed by a delightful gathering with healthy smoothies and bites. This session includes the following:

  • Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation: A harmonious blend of yoga poses, intentional breathwork, and soothing meditation. Connect with your inner self for a better understanding as you set powerful intention for healing & change.
  • Ecstatic dance healing: A celebration of the body’s innate ability to heal and express, combining the power of dance with intentional healing practices.
  • Healthy Smoothies & Bites Gathering: After the soulful session indulge in nourishing delights! Sip on vibrant, healthy smoothies crafted with love, and savor a selection of wholesome bites.
  • Women’s Circle: Gather around as we create a warm and inviting space for women to connect. Engage in meaningful table talk, sharing thoughts and experiences inspired by the evening’s theme. This is an opportunity to listen, learn, and be inspired by the stories of fellow women, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Let Wellness Fusion be your sanctuary for a day of self-care, soul stretch and shared wisdom amongst like-minded women.

It will be an intimate group therefore advanced booking is required. An experience that goes beyond the mat, nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.


  • – All levels are welcome | Ladies only | Limited number
  • – Cost: AED 350 (Excluding VAT) Includes: Healthy smoothie + healthy bites + Yoga mat + Water + Towel
  • – Facilitator: Laura Kopinski
  • – Location: Rooftop Studio follows by our gathering at Nasma Restaurant
  • –  To book: CLICK HERE

About the Facilitator: Laura Helene K0pinski, Founder and Owner of Inner Seed


Laura-Helene is a Senior yoga teacher. She is incredibly passionate about the many benefits of living a yogic lifestyle, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She takes you on a journey that will release, soften and inspire your soul.

She studied the ancient practices in India, which included Ayurveda medicine and Chakra Healing. She aims an inviting practice for everyone and encourages to explore new boundaries. 

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