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This 75-min sessions hosted in Arabic with Naylofar Habbab is designed to stretch the body and let the nitrogen spread out to help in releasing stress & calming the mind.

Living in a smart world; having everything reachable in a press of a button or by one phone click away has lead to early body aches, muscles contractions & less flexibility. That’s why this pop-up class is designed to give you a glimpse of how the body is going to feel after flexing certain muscles and extending the spine through traditional yoga asanas.

This class is some kind of “the easy abstain”, where you look and say “That looks easy” and when you do the move, you know where are you standing in the challenge. I assure you that this class will be fun as self-exploring, and will add just an extra pinch of femininity.

As you are willing to explore this class with me then this is what you need to know about the flow of the sessions

  • Getting the mind calm and ready
  • Warming up the body
  • Strengthening the wrists
  • Lungs & chest opening asanas
  • Hip flexors
  • Stretches for the spine and the legs
  • Back strengthening asanas
  • Time to Relax and let go


  • Ladies only
  • Location: Saadiyat Rotana Resorts & Villas at ZEN SPA
  • Cost: AED160 ( Including VAT + Service Charge)
  • Instructor: Naylofar Habbab
  • To book CONTACT US  here
  • For more details WhatsApp 0503528640

About the Facilitator:

Naylofar Habbab is a certified yoga teacher, and a mental health specialist (certified NLP practitioner & Life coach). She is a passionate about unlocking the amazing secrets of the human body, mind & spirit.

She finds that wellness should be whole, to become in alignment in which the body, soul and mind all come together to help a person achieve balance & harmony and the understanding of oneself; from emotions to thoughts, from food & what you eat to their effect on the blood & the body, and from the lifestyle one choose’s to the sacrifices one has to make to stay aligned.  She thought that alignment only happens when a person explore’s himself or herself deeply and that is the that NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Yoga come hand in hand.

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