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Do I need to have yoga experience to join this course?

  • No, this course is designed for anyone who is interested in yoga and who wishes to help parents and their children through baby massage and yoga.
  • Our training provides the foundation that all new parents can benefit from, we teach anatomy and physiology to all our instructors ensuring that you fully understand how the body works and how massage and reflexology can greatly benefit parent and child.
  • Our course material has been designed with the help of physiotherapists and experienced yoga teachers to ensure that stretches, movements and breathing techniques are suitable for all.

As a Mum, how will I benefit from this course?

  • Parents will be strengthening their bond with their baby. This course is ideal for Mum and dad’s because it enhances the bonding experience between parent and child. It empowers parents with the tools that they need to treat minor illnesses and it teaches them how to soothe and comfort a stressed, unhappy baby.
  • It will help you to recognize your Child’s different needs and teach you how to help soothe them.
  • It promotes the beginnings of communication through literacy and numeracy in children from a very young age through the songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Research has shown that baby massage can help a mother have positive interactions with her baby, therefore combating post natal depression and it may also help with breast feeding.
  • It teaches Parents appropriate touch for baby, especially beneficial for new mum’s who may need a guiding hand.
  • Providing regular massages to your baby may help them to settle and increase the quality of their sleep.
  • As your baby learns the massage routine they will be able to relax their muscles and their breathing. While the massage helps the baby to relax it also raises levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin simultaneously in both parent and baby, creating a feeling of relaxation and calm.
  • Massage is wonderful for all babies, it offers a great way to form bonds that last a lifetime.
  • If your baby has special needs such as Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy then this course is an ideal way to enhance your communication.
  • Parent and baby Yoga, is introducing mother back into exercise in a very controlled and gentle way. We teach them how to look after themselves and their families, stretching their mind body and possibilities.
  • Practicing yoga with your baby helps them discover their bodies and stimulates the sensation of movement.

As a yoga instructor, what will I benefit from this course?

  • You will benefit by teaching parents how to teach and move back into gentle exercise and how to help the bonding process with parent and baby.
  • It will enable you to teach gentle movements and controlled breathing suitable for new parents who may have never experienced yoga before.
  • You are empowering parents how to use what they learn in your classes to deal with stressful situations such as; their role of being a parent. With this knowledge parents will be able to incorporate yoga into their family life.
  • We will teach you how to help parents become more mindful in their everyday lives, we will guide you on how to introduce positive thinking to your classes, helping those who may be struggling with how to perceive the world. This part of the course is valuable when dealing with new parents as you will help guide and change their thinking into more positive and mindful thoughts.

As a pre/post natal instructor, what will I benefit from his course?

  • As a pre/natal instructor you will be able to see the progression from pregnancy through to birth and beyond. Having built a rapport with your students they will look to you for guidance and support throughout their journey to motherhood.
  • Being able to combine yoga with your students and their babies, you are enabling family life to grow positively and safely in the start of their journey of yoga with their child.
  • You will learn about the anatomy and physiology of children empowering you to speak and teach confidently.
  • From a business perspective, undertaking this training enables you to work with children from a very young age. In doing so you are their guiding light, equipping them with all the need to live in today’s stressful world.

As a pediatrician, what will I benefit from this course?

  • You will benefit greatly from taking our course because it will enable you to provide an alternative option to parents on how they can help their children through touch.
  • We instinctively know where to rub or pat when our children become distressed or upset, as a pediatrician you understand the anatomy and physiology of children therefore diagnosing what conditions a baby may have means that you can show parents where and how to use the key trigger points on the body.