Jenna Platanos blends her loves of motion, music, and mindset by practicing and offering yoga, sound therapy, and meditation sessions. Loving the inner workings of anatomy and psychology all her life, she holds an Associate degree in Medical Assistant Sciences, is a 500-hours trained Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, and NLP Master Practitioner fascilitating the process to gain and/or maintain a peaceful, healthy lifestyle.

Through trial and error, I have found and acquired the gift of using noninvasive tools to benefit both myself and humanity – instruments that work outside of our skin facilitating all-over relief and bringing inner peace and joy. Sound therapy’s instruments being musical in, and from, nature appeals to me. Since childhood, I have sung and played the flute. Cotton, wood, minerals like pure metals and quartz, sand and soda ash and limestone melted into glass, shells, rubber, rocks, semi-precious stones and gems, plant ropes, and leather materials–I have seen all of these utilized in this awesome practice of healing. I craft sound to hone and profoundly impact the body to approach and maintain homeostasis and balance.

Listening to your body’s messages of subtle, medium, and profound intensities regularly allows you to access and assess where you are now with where you were between two moments. This month, we have calculated two super full moons offering the chance to check and release twice in 30 days any aspects and/or behaviors you conduct that disempower you. Awareness and intention allow you to integrate and dismiss the unhelpful traits by implementing acceptance, forgiveness, and self-compassion. Sound facilitates such a conscious shift.

I resonate with my mentor Marko Zigon’s words, “I do believe that sound can heal.” Sound therapy’s one-of-a-kind results changed my skepticism behind its impactfulness. I am grateful curiosity led me to give this artful and freeing acoustic science a chance to start radical change stemming from within myself. Since then, I found inspiration to co-author an anthology regarding mindset. I constantly see positive changes in me and my community of friends and neighbors in the UAE and India after one-to-one and group sessions held of this ancient healing modality. Some of the multiple beneficial changes seen after offering and receiving routine sessions include acquiring and maintaining a deep sleep routine, decreased physical pain, and relief from chronic anxiety.

Our ancestors have passed onto us great insight and wisdom. Our species is incredibly creative! Choosing to be a consistent open-minded seeker of inner wisdom to grow and finding treasures they have left via various channels helps bring peace to any adventurer’s mind.

Read books. Listen to the calming music of nature. Eat natural foods. Keep moving.
Find universal love in everyone you meet. In some people, love is harder to find and feel than in others. Stay consistent with this vision. Carry an optimistic attitude.

Everyone I have met, across four continents, has shown me between a sliver and an ocean of unconditional love. I invite you to identify the extent of this beauty in your reality everywhere on a constant basis.
Wishing you to find peace within yourself to spread on our planet and in our cosmos with whichever modalities empower you today. Sound therapy is one such modality.


See you soon in my up-coming sessions and workshops.

Sending much love and light,
Jenna Platanos