How would you describe the music that you typically create?

  • I would describe my music as deep, honest and coming from a place of authenticity.
  • I sing from a place of experience, and I have conquered and continue to conquer what life throws at me.
  • Life will always challenge us, but how we respond to it, determines our happiness!


Tell me about yourself

My name is Joan McEldowney. I am a singer songwriter from Northern Ireland. I grew up in a 25 year long civil war, with songs that were composed to speak of hatred, power struggle and division. These songs stirred an impassioned bitterness in their listeners. I chose to song write my way out of that bitterness, to dance to my own tune and to find a melody that was life affirming. That was not divisive or political. I never wanted to be around that energy or join with it.


What influenced you to become a singer and a songwriter?

I wanted to become a songwriter as I wanted to speak from the heart and to help educate and inspire emotional growth.

I have been teaching and writing songs for many years as a way of understanding the world and the things that I have experienced in my lifetime. It literally has helped me thrive, look way younger than my age, and gave me purpose and direction by helping myself and others find themselves.


How did you fall in love with music?

I fell in love with music from a very young age and loved the story telling aspect of it, the music I create can be passed down like a legacy of wisdom that is easy to remember. Much easier to remember a tune, than a 230-word monologue. An average song word count is 230 words.

Music can help you process and deal with so much and can reprogram your sub conscious. It has a powerful effect on the nervous system. That is why in every spa and restaurant, music is playing!


Did something inspire you?

Yes, when I was 22, I had fallen in love with a narcissist. That narcissist tried to control me. At the time, a voice inside me warned, let go of this relationship. I listened to that voice, and I was determined not to have someone dictate my life’s path and started an indie rock band as a means of empowerment and self discovery. That band led me to 2 record deals, followed by radio and t.v. performances. I truly found my inner voice, and I boldly expressed the real me for the first time in my adult life.

I was inspired to write about my life experiences and to shine a light on gratitude. My music spoke of gratitude and mindfulness long before I became aware of what mindfulness movement was. One of the first songs I wrote was called “Thankfully”. It speaks of how love can be taken for granted at times. That love is really the most sought-after thing in all our lives whether we recognize that or not. The song speaks of disconnect and how thankfully love always has the answers to all our life’s problems.



What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

What makes me a great musician is that I as a musician can connect with humanity. I can sing about human emotion, so that I can process human experience in all its ups and downs. I can help myself and others understand themselves better. The strengths that I have are that I can made a complicated life experience less complicated and more fulfilling. I have made two albums and overcome the hurdles to see them being realized. I have worked with the top musicians in my home country. Making this music has been a great achievement and as a result I am more fulfilled and at peace.


As you went through your journey, how did it change your personal and professional life?

This musical journey was born out of a desire to outgrow dysfunctional relationships. I had the desire to teach and had a bond with children and their personal growth was so important. I wanted to help children, so I put on workshops in my home country to help children express themselves through music. The strengths that I have are that I can make a complicated life experience feel less complicated.


How do you keep people motivated and engaged?

  • I make sure that what I am delivering is well planned.
  • That I am clear and concise in my intention.
  • That my music has visuals and well as music.
  • That I collaborate with accomplished professionals and create work of a super high quality.


Can you tell us what was one of the most difficult obstacles  you have overcome and how you moved past  it?

The biggest obstacle was the environment that I grew up in which was filled with confusion and conflict. How I moved past that was to understand the conflict.  I met and discussed the polar opinions and chose to be a citizen of the world. Being a citizen of the world has liberated me and helped me embrace the world regardless of what religion or nationality some one might be.


What would you consider a ‘Normal’ you consider experience that many people seem to suffer from these days?

Lack of awareness that we are disconnected. That this disconnection is compounded by the pandemic and the rise and addiction of social media.


Quotes and tips to live by.

What is your favorite quote?

“The simple appears when the complex has been exhausted” – Charles Mingus Jazz bass player.

Share with us your 5 top life tips.

  • Live your truth.
  • Speak your truth
  • Do something often that makes you push out of your comfort zone.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Work on yourself and the impact you have on others.