Tell us about yourself;

I am a passionate Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Alchemist, Vibrational Energy Healer, Raw Vegan Advocate and a Holistic Health Coach.

What led you to becoming an energy and sound healing instructor?

I love teaching Vinyasa yoga, Restorative yoga, Meditation and Breathwork practices, and aspire assisting my community in their healing and self discovery journey, spiritual evolution and expansion of consciousness. I believe in the uniqueness of each individual and aim to inspire, guide and support people live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled loving and harmonious life.

As you went through your training journey, how did it change your personal and professional life?

The Yogic philosophy and practice helped me changed my entire life – from leaving a toxic personal relationship and changing my diet, to resigning from a corporate job and diving fully into the world of freedom and expansion.

Sound healing came into my life through the desire to bring the Yoga experience to the next level – the breathwork, movement and relaxation to become more deep, profound and impactful.

How does sound healing help one heal?

Sound and frequency help us restructure and rearrange our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Sound Healing helps us release what no longer serves us and raise our vibration so we manifest our desired life by shifting into vibrationally matching parallel reality where we discover more alignment, wellbeing, kindness, love, peace, abundance and unity.



How does sound healing help one heal?

The alternative healing modalities seem to be more popular among women rather then men, and in my opinion the reason for that is that a woman is more in-tuned with her emotions, women are natural empaths so they can also pick up not only on their own misaligned state, but the state of others and the collective as a whole. When they feel the lack of alignment within themselves and around them, women naturally have the desire to seek a relief through various forms of healing – Yoga, Mediation, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, etc. This, in my opinion is why we see more women then men at a yoga class.

Does sound healing work differently on men & women?

The various healing practices provide relief both to men and women – we all feel the modern life stress, responsibilities, have fears and carry traumas from this and past lives. It is very refreshing to see men in-tuned with their emotions wishing to make a positive change to their mental, emotional and spiritual state.

What is your favorite quote?

My favourite quote is “This too shall pass” – sometimes when we feel darkness and it seems that there is no way out, it is very useful to remember that nothing is permanent and life is like a flowing river. It is up to us to stay positive, raise our vibration through gratitude and let the river carry us softly downstream.

Share with us your 5 top life tips:

  1. Try to do this daily for a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life:
    Have a green juice every morning
  2. Do a Gratitude Journal (list 10 things you appreciate in your life)
  3. Connect with your inner child and do something silly and fun
  4. Breathe, move & meditate
  5. Tell someone that you love them!


Neli Merris