My name is Reem, I am a 29 y/o Emirati Dentist and Animal Flow Instructor.

In 2019, I was applying for a postgraduate studies in dental specialties abroad because I felt that I want to start something new. After that COVID happened and everything went into pause. During that time I figured that the new thing the I want to do is following my passion instead of doing a postgrad.

Since I was a kid I love moving and playing many kinds of sports, this is my passion. One day during quarantine one of my Instagram followers reposted a video of an Animal Flow Instructor. While she’s flowing and I was very curious about this kind of movement, I sent the Instructor a direct message asking her about Animal Flow and how can I try it. She guided me through the whole process until I became a certified personal trainer L2 and an Animal Flow Instructor L1.

What made me love Animal Flow is that its a combination of many things like yoga, gymnastics, breakdance, parkour and body weight moves. It is a ground base flows that is inspired by animal moves and the beauty of nature. It is designed for all fitness levels to improve flexibility, mobility and to build body strength, which we need for any kind of sport. For me, it’s like the base of any movement I do and at the same time it helps in grounding myself during the day.

I believe that we are spiritual being in a human journey, and during the journey we can be many things. Today I am a full time dentist that give animal flow classes during my free time, tomorrow I might start doing something else. As long as we are true and authentic we will keep discovering new things in ourselves and this is the beauty of our miracle souls.

Join Reem in her upcoming animal flow classes this month: