My name is Sara, I’m a free spirited being fueled by curiosity and adventure.

I was fascinated by the mysteries of nature and passionate for all the ancient mystical knowledge and believes early in life. I truly felt that my soul was lounging for something different and I would get eager whenever I read about sound healing, until one day in 2018 I held a Tibetan singing bowl and now we are inseparable.

Sound healing has been used as a tool to support healing and meditation for more than 3000 years. Simply how a great song could left your mood, correspondingly a sound has the same positive ability to affect our bodies as we are made of about 75% of water and they are great conductor for the vibration of the sound.

When vibration travels through the body, they work effectively with restoring and balancing the whole body frequencies along with deepening the meditative state of the mind through reaching the theta brainwave.

The main significance outcome of a sound healing therapy is helping with clearing the energy blockage and supporting the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This journey has enlightened me to stop rushing through life and it’s ok to take a step back .


A favorite quote for me is “Stop acting so small you’re the universe in ecstatic motion – Rumi”


5 life tips 

  • Start journaling it’s a window to your inner self and deep thoughts.
  • Solo travel will teach you more about yourself than you know is possible. 
  • Have unconditional love and acceptance to everything around you. 
  • You can’t control everything in life letting go is the key. 
  • Acknowledge and accept your feelings through the bitter and the sweet.