I was working in the corporate world for 20 years, struggling to balance a stressful job in the corporate sector and being available for my children. Just like many moms, I was juggling all different areas of life. Because I was doing this, I felt the more I could handle and the more productive I was at it, the more successful I’d be at tackling ‘life’.

However, sooner or later, the more I would load into my days, the quicker my energy stores would get depleted. So, in between working and looking after my family, I’d undergo FAD diets, look at ways to lose weight, and even nap in the daytime, just to feel more energized. 

It was during this period, I underwent an awakening. 

My elder sister got diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to find a solution fighting, I started researching a holistic and plant-based lifestyle. While my sister’s cancer did affect the family greatly, she recovered and is now cancer-free.

But this was a wake-up call for me to find ways to prevent such diseases as opposed to seeking a cure. I invested my time and effort into enrolling into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition*, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. I also fell in love with yoga and meditation as I saw the benefits, the peace, and harmony they brought into my life.  I became a certified yoga teacher. a qualified level 1 and 2 Reiki practitioner. 

I switched to a plant-based diet, cutting out meat,dairy, and all animal foods, and began to further research about lifestyle choices. During this time, I noticed changes in my body immediately, but I was still unsatisfied with the corporate world. Desperate to seek some clarity, I went on a solo trip to the home of the Himalayas, Nepal. Here I practiced yoga, meditated, ate plant-based food, and thought about my life’s purpose A LOT. The calmness, serenity, and relaxed pace lifestyle, made me return home with vigor and more passion for helping show other women, how it could be done.

I invested my time and effort into enrolling into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition*, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. I also continued practicing yoga and meditation daily. I also added to my holistic skillset to help people around me, so I became a qualified level 1 and 2 Reiki practitioner. 

Sooner or later, I set on a mission to help many women live their best life, which led me to leave my corporate life and be a full-time holistic and plant-based health coach, where I help mums lose fat, have unlimited food portions, and uncover simple healthy habits. I do this through coaching programs, customised meal plans, yoga, breath work and meditation.

There are so many mothers that are doing so much for their families, work, and others and tend to neglect themselves, and when they do realise they have put on weight, have high cholesterol, diabetes, joint pains, they just don’t know how to start to make a shift. I have talked to many ladies, and what they all had in common was that they were tired of “diets” tired of depriving themselves, tired of short term fixes that the weight always came back on, they all wanted to feel supported, motivated and most importantly that they were not alone. In my programs the ladies are invited to a private group, where they can share without feeling judged, we motivate each other and hold each other accountable for our set goals.

How I help them make changes:

First I always begin by asking them to think about their why, the reason they want to make a healthy lifestyle change. This why is very important as it gives them a clear vision of where they are heading, especially when things become a bit challenging. Every now and then I remind them of their reason for starting and this helps them get motivated again!

Are people giving up?

Yes, they really are. There is so much information on the internet that can create so much confusion and they are stuck with who to follow, what is the perfect diet,etc. They also give up because there is no accountability, no one to cheer them on, motivate, support them and give them a gentle push when needed!

People going through fear and anxiety:

Yoga and meditation! They really do help. I’m not talking about power yoga, there are so many yoga classes that are gentle and relaxing, try different online yoga classes and see how you connect with the teacher.

Also a tool I always recommend to clients is the app Insight Timer, you can use it as a guided bedtime meditation, morning affirmations, yoga nidra and so much more. There are also guided meditations about fear and anxiety and they have really helped so many I know.

My favorite quote:

Don’t cry over spilled milk!  I have said this so much to my kids that my daughter says when she can she will get a tattoo with this inked on her! Still not sure how I feel about that….

This quote basically says that if something upsetting has happened and you cannot go back and change the outcome then instead of crying, whining about what happened, first accept the situation, your feelings then find a solution or just put it aside until you are ready to think of one. The past is the past, there is nothing that can be done about it, just your present energy being depleted thinking about the past.


1. Start a gratitude journal

2. Before you criticise anyone ask yourself these 3 questions, is it kind, is it true, is it necessary?

3. Surround yourself with positive people who raise your vibrations and distance yourself with those who are toxic.

4. Be more mindful with what foods you consume

5. Smile more!

What keeps me going personally:

The support I get from my husband has been incredible, and I am so grateful for him. Also my love for continuing to learn more and more about holistic health, and just being able to help guide any women to a happier and healthier path truly makes my life so much enjoyable. I love life, the work I do makes me wake up every morning feeling buzzed and energized and I count my blessing everyday. It is now my mission to help others feel the way I do!


Suzanne Saleh