Good life to everyone reading this article of mine. My name is Dana and I am very honored by your presence and time. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you all more about myself and the journey I have chosen to embark on. First of all, I am a mother of four little ones, a wife to my best friend and partner in crime and a daughter to amazing parents that gave me everything they know and have. I am also part of the sisterhood and brotherhood gang, and together we rock over there. I am a book worm and a plant lover, Yoga and meditation both are part of my daily routine and yes I am very spiritual.

I have many vital values that are really important and dear to my heart, one of them is knowledge. I see myself dedicated to accumulate all the knowledge I can during my life time here, I am very curious about everything related to conciseness, awakening, the soul, and of course self-development. Over the years I have graduated so many time with degrees and so many certifications that basically were additions to everything I wanted to learn and master. Recently I have just added my doctoral degree to that and I am excited to actually use this knowledge for some of my future avenues that I want to explore.

Sharing comes after knowledge, this is where I spend my energy and happiness sharing everything I know with everyone around that can take advantage of it. I was extremely happy at the beginning of the year to publish my first book “Serenity for the Storm of Life” in both languages Arabic and English. Another platform I use to share is a blog that I created in 2017 where I post frequently every new experience I evolve from to all my readers, from stories, experiments, motherhood tips and much more. Of course social media is a huge facilitator, and soon in 2020 a podcast channel with some surprise content.

One thing that I am currently sharing with everyone is a passion that I always had which is Sound Healing. A basic thought led me to this wisdom which was the idea of affecting the human brain waves with these frequencies, altering the state they were in. A motive I had was to learn this technique in order to use it for my meditation practice that I am sharing. Little did I know when I actually learned everything related to this magic ancient wisdom is that it is not only affecting our brain waves, but every single cell in our bodies, helping people with anything from stage 4 cancer, to chakra alignment. I fell in love with it and started sharing this gift once a week where we meet and heal together with the help of these magical bowls and of course meditation.

But you see, I wouldn’t be able to do all that unless I have myself experienced a healing journey. 3 years ago I was faced with one of the most challenging aspects of my dark side, my parenting method (I have shared the full story in my book). This was my starting point where I decided that I have so much I need to learn about myself, and from there I decided to start a self-discovery journey that helped me not only heal my inner child, but also find my purpose in life and connecting me to my soul. A challenging journey that allows you to explore your dark side, accept it, and release it. Creating so much more space for other things like wisdom, love, clarity, and surrender. From there, there is inner peace, and a clear path that help you master your own self, and give you the ability to share with people and help them in their journey too. And from there I can say out loud and clear that sharing the love and the light is one of my purposes in this life, and I do through many roles I play as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, society member, friend, coach, trainer, and healer. You find the love and light in you and then suddenly there is abundance that gives you the ability to share it with everyone around, and it is beautiful.

Now on top of all this spirituality there are few tips that I would like to end my article with. Being spiritual and finding inner peace is something, but to reach it few basic points needs to be covered and taken care of. This is why I have created myself routines and introduced new life style habits that helps me maintain my spiritual statues and here are few examples:

  • Morning routines. I would say the most important one of them all. Waking up an hour before my family, finding this private time where I meditate, read, exercise, write and much more is basic need. I set my goals for the day and this gives me motivation. Once you establish a morning routine and start the day right, I promise you there are very few things that can ruin that high mood of yours during the day.
  • Weekly me time. Me time is so much more than a shopping trip or a luxurious massage. Me time can be some private time in nature reflecting, or even some quality time an inspirational friend, a session with a coach, a course that interests you, or even a class that makes you feel good (hint; yoga).
  • You won’t believe how your mood can be affected by a drop in vitamin D, or how tired you can be if your iron levels are low. Basic checkups to make sure that you got these covered is essential for your peace of mind.
  • Sleep and hydration. It is very hard to connect with your higher self or your spirit guides if you are extremely sleepy. Nor you won’t be able to receive these messages if you are going through a severe headache. Sleep your need and drink more than 2 L of water during your day.

There is a quote that I really love and admire that says “If there is no enemies within, the enemies outside can do no harms” – African proverb. So start your inner journey, you will be amazed with what you will find. One thing I can defiantly tell you is that you are here for a purpose, awaken, and find it. The moment you can find your alignment with what you do and your purpose there is only peace and happiness in your life. We are here for each other, and if everyone of us saw that, there will be only love and light to share. We are part of one universe and we are all connected, this is what we need to focus on and we shall all bloom from there. With all the love from my hearts to yours, Namaste.