• A little bit about yourself and where you are in life right now with this pandemic

I was born and raised in Dubai and am now raising 2 beautiful kids in this amazing city. I think I was always intuitive as a child but never knew what it meant until I started studying metaphysics about 8 years ago. I was so hungry to know more about this world that I plunged into so many different healing modalities and I know for sure that this is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. This is my soul purpose.

The Pandemic affects each one of us in different ways. To think it does not exist is not the most sensible thing to do. Being in fear and hiding at home is not the solution either. Finding the balance and making the best of this situation is all that we can do. However, what that balance is – is very personal to each one of us. My advise would be to do what you feel is right for you. Don’t shame anyone for making choices that are different than yours and don’t feel pressured into doing something just because others expect it of you.

  • What made you become a Feng Shui Practitioner and a crystal enthusiast?

I just wanted to paint my living room; so I started searching online for what colors would work best for the dining area, etc. I was curious about Feng Shui but didn’t know much besides the laughing Buddha and the little golden cat at the door. When I started reading more I was shown an ad on Google for a Feng Shui course happening very close to my home. I started inquiring and then found the course material quite interesting, so I thought why not go study it and then do up my full home – Feng Shui style! Never once did I think I would become a Feng Shui Practitioner and make it my career! At the time I was working in Digital Marketing – so when I had my second baby, I thought let me quit and see how I can combine my vast experience in Digital Marketing with my newfound knowledge of Feng Shui. That’s when my third baby Natural Healing Home was born. I started it as an e-commerce store. But of-course classical Feng Shui does not promote many trinkets; my e-commerce store needed more products.

I was also introduced to crystals at the same center where I studied my Feng Shui course. I bought a crystal to test how they work, and I started seeing subtle changes – from a rock! So I thought why not look more into crystals – so I read a lot of books, looked for a new course, a new teacher and got myself certified as a crystal healer. Of course, that led to a new supplier and a store full of these beautiful rocks!

  • What makes the world of crystal beneficial in our lives?

Crystals are natures gift to us. It is a reminder of how abundant our Earth is and what amazing things it can produce. Crystals can heal us in so many ways. They can bring us love, joy, protection, strength, courage, clarity, confidence, clairvoyance, compassion, healing and abundance in every way. Crystals have completely transformed my life.

  • What do you say to people that are skeptical about crystals?

When people come into my shop and are skeptical about crystals, I tell them its not my job to convince them, but if they are curious I just ask them to walk around and choose a crystal they like – and just based on that I can tell them what’s going on in their life and why they chose that crystal. See I am not a magician, but crystals have energy, or a frequency and your energy will be attracted to the frequency you need in that moment in time to balance or heal you. So how did they choose the perfect crystal? Because their energy was drawn to what they needed. And they were drawn to the crystal with the right frequency for them. Once they hear that, they are more receptive and are willing to try them out.

  • What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui in its simplest form is balancing the energy in your space. In classical Feng Shui we use the simplest of cures, along with colors, shapes and materials to balance the energy. Feng Shui can be used in homes and offices to bring in more peace, abundance, harmony, good health and stability in relationships into your life.

  • What was your recent breakthrough and how did you heal yourself?

Once you start this journey every day brings new lessons, learnings and healing. Being aware of your emotions, feelings and communicating them in the right way with those around you takes a lot of practice and effort – but it is the most rewarding thing you can do for your own sanity and inner peace.

If I had to pick one of my biggest breakthroughs in the recent weeks it would be when I realized that sometimes our gut feeling or our intuition directs us in a way that does not always bring the desired or expected result. But we must remember that our subconscious will always direct us towards the experience we need and that will bring us growth. So, follow your intuition and have faith in the process.

  • How do you motivate people to build a positive mindset during these challenging times?

Be in question mode – Ask – How Does It Get Better Than This? Your subconscious will give you the answer. Communicate. Express. Feel your emotions. Staying positive at all times is not humanly possible. We are not robots programmed to have just one emotion. So, if you feel sad, lonely, scared or any low vibrating emotions – reach out and speak to someone. Speak to me. You are never alone.

  • What keeps you going? What is your motivation?

When I have my own breakthroughs and heal myself – I know I am healing my family, my kids and future generations. If I can be more aware as a person; I can be a better wife and a better mother. If I can heal myself, I know I can heal so many more that come to me and bring healing to them and their families. It is a blessing to be able to do the work I do and I am grateful every day.

What advice can you share for someone going through fear and anxiety during this global change?

Fear and anxiety block your heart centre. The current health crisis also affects our heart centre. Raise that vibration. Look for heart chakra meditations online. Do some breath work and chest opening yoga exercises. Drop me a message for more information.

  • What is your favorite quote?

To change the frequency you’ve got to change the frequency! – Manisha Dutta J

  • Share with us your 5 top life tips
  1. Feel the feelings. Every emotion is needed to grow in life.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. That’s where growth happens
  3. Learn how to love yourself before you love another. It all begins with self-love. Let that be the first step in your healing journey.
  4. Don’t let your ego be bigger than you. Even a 2-year-old should be able to teach you an important life lesson.
  5. Take the time to sit with yourself every day for at least 10 minutes. This is even more important if you are a parent. Me-time is essential and it’s not being selfish.