Sheetal is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative nutrition (USA) and one of the top 10 health coaches in the world , from the 2017 cohort  to receive the leadership in health coaching award.
Sheetal is also an hormone health and emotional eating coach and thus provides personal coaching on 1:1 basis to women with hormonal imbalances such as thyroid,PCOS, irregular menstrual cycle, reproductive disorders, transition into menopause , obesity , insulin dysregularities and emotional eating behaviours .
Sheetal is also the founder of a health awareness company LIVLIVELY, where she provides wellness workshops to corporates, schools , universities, people of determination and the wider community .
Her hobbies are public speaking, traveling and helping people.
Sheetals Journey –
Sheetal was born and raised in a small town in India and at the age of 9 her father was diagnosed with liver cancer , he battled cancer for 9 years and passed away while Sheetal was just 17 years old and pursuing a career in medicine to become a doctor, she had to quit medical school to take care of her mum and thus at a tender age she learnt the most important lesson of her  life that indeed health is your biggest asset , your true wealth.
Fast forward to her story , she married at 21 and gave birth to her first son when she was 25 and later moved to dubai at 27. A few years later at age 31, a younger son was born . Motherhood got her  busy however she weighed 85 kgs and had the lowest energy to take care of her own kids.    All she desired for her boys to be her fittest self so that she was always there for them. Soon she joined the gym and tried every diet on the internet, as a result she would  lose weight and gain even more and that led into an hormonal imbalance at age 35. After visiting several doctors and many pills, she  decided to take her health in her own hands and be the expert of her own body. This led her to  pursue health coaching followed by a hormonal health coach expertise.  While curing herself she decided to follow her  passion to help others .
A mum of two boys aged 20 and 14 now , she coaches  women to reverse these lifestyle disorders and live a life of vitality and health without being on fad diets or spending hours at the gym.
As a hormone health coach she helps women manage hormonal imbalances such as:
  • PCOS
  • Thyroid
  • Irregular Menstrual cycles and PMS
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
Many women associate the word hormone with menopause in older women and believe it cannot affect them . On the contrary hormones are an important part of your health, irrespective of your age and gender.
Hormones are like chemical messengers produced by the body and tell your organs what to do and how to do their job . They are responsible for the most vital processes in our body such as mensuration , reproductive functions , sleep , metabolism and bone health.
A hormone imbalance means that your body is producing too much or too little of the hormone needed by the body to function. think of it as your food dish recipe gone wrong. Too much or too little of only one ingredient, say salt, can spoil the dish.Now consider the impact on our body of this type imbalance with more than 50 hormones, leading to above mentioned conditions.
Managing hormonal imbalances:
  1. Identify the foods to include and foods to avoid
  2. Develop and follow an exercise regime
  3. Manage stress
  4. Address sleep issues
 These are the 4 pillars that have helped women  to reverse hormonal imbalances naturally and who are now living a vibrant and fulfilling life . These success stories keep me motivated, keep me going and help as many women as I can .
We are all going through interesting times during this pandemic , however here are few tips that have helped me and my clients:
1. Focus and appreciate things that are going well rather than not going well
2. Have a happiness jar or gratitude journal , where you write down things that you are grateful for and read all your notes when you feel low or anxious.
3. Hum or sing a happy song everyday.
4. Laugh often and spend time  with your loved ones.
5. Spend some time outside in nature rather than just netflix.
6. Say thank you , appreciation brings in immense joy.
7. Chew your food well.
8. Be generous.
9. Go complaint free for an hour and then a day.
10. Have a news fast first for a day and then the entire weekend